Monday, February 15, 2010

Working hard, Investigator. 6990 blog hits.

Elders Callen, Maxfield, Salazar & Pres. Cox
Hey mom and dad,

Huge week! I love the news!!!

First off, Congratula-tions Justin and Vanessa!!!!! I am very excited! Your pictures look great. I am glad I will be home in time to for the wedding.

Secondly, congratulations Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat! This is a HUGE surprise to me. I dont want to say too much about the Mexico East mission but let me give just a few facts... 2 years ago the Mexico East mission broke a church record by baptizing over 1000 people in one month. The Mission Mexico East is the highest baptizing mission in Mexico and quite possibly the world, we came in 2nd to them this last year for 2009. The Mexico East mission also covers the Mexico City Temple. Just after reading your email I called President Cox and told him that my Great-Uncle had been called as Mission president, He was very excited. President Cox is very good friends with the current Mexico East President, President Bullock (I believe is his name).

This last week we found an amazing person. His name is Jorge. Jorge owns a Cybercafe. Tuesday while we were knocking we found him and taught him the 1st lesson, the restoration. He asked us to come back Saturday so his wife could listen. Jorge seemed like an Ok investigator. So we went back saturday and it turns out his wife really didnt want to listen to us, so much so that she left the house before we got there. But Jorge was very interested! He asked US if he could become a member of the church. It turns out that during the week he read the Pamphlet over and over again, then he went online to the church website and looked up all the information he could, and throughout the week he studied the church and basically convinced himself that this "is the true church." He came to church with us Sunday and even put on a tie by himself. We are excited because as of lately we have been having a hard time finding people to teach but Jorge is a gift from God, he truly has been prepared.

Things here are going ok, right now the mission is struggling a little bit in baptisms. February is a short month and due to the fact that the area presidency has asked us to take investigators to church 3 weeks in a row before baptizing them, the adjustment has been difficult for some companionships. Also, we have gotten our Pdays back and the Elders are just a tiny bit distracted. Other than that, not much is going on.

I am truckin along but I cant deny that it is soo hard knowing that first, my replacement assistant will be here in about two weeks, and I am going home soon. Everytime I think about it I get a sick feeling in my stomach, but we are still working hard. In closing, I sent you my travel plans! They arrived today.

I gotta run but I love you all and the future looks very bright.


Elder Salazar


Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Well, I hope that sick feeling in your stomach is due to the realization you will soon be leaving the people you have come to love and not the fear of the unknown here in Garden Grove.

Be assured you'll be welcomed home and you'll assimilate yourself in no time at all.

We'd love to kep you in the ward but I assume you will want to associate with a younger crowd at a Single Adult Ward.

But we get ahead of ourselves. You've still got work to do in
your current assignment.

God bless you in those efforts.

Bishop Bowring

Anonymous said...

Hola Benjamon,
I am very happy to hear that Jorge came into your life. As you know you all have done great works down there in Mexico. You have brought so many people to God in your time there. I know that as time passes by, your influence there in Mexico will be felt by many many more people than you met personally. Meaning, those who were blessed enough to have met you will be carrying on your works with those whom you did not meet. And so thru you more people will be given a chance to know and come to God. I am proud to know you and am looking forward with all my heart to welcome you home. I have not played Wii bowling since you left. We will be on equal grounds when we resume our games LOL. I miss you and I Love you, Ben. Tony C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Benj,

Reading about Jorge and his tie remindes me of a mission know I served here Spanish speaking and loved it. We found a family and taught them the gospel, they came to church but the dad did not feel comfortable because he was not properly dressed. During that week we went to visit them and he told us he had a surprise for us...he led us into his bedroom (Ok those reading this dont spaz, his wife was with us)he opened up a dresser drawer and he was so proud to show us about 50 ties he had found at a garage sale....this does not seem so great when I type it but we were so excited. They came to church we had to marry them, just like you have done with some of your families and they named thier baby Jennie Susan after my companion and I, pretty cool eh.

Love those people, they still live in La Habra. Most of them are active. I was able to be the escort for one of the daughters when when she went through the temple for the first time and when she got married. Very rewarding!

The mission will always bless your life, and bring a smile to you every once in a while as you remember your experiences.

Luv ya


dbanagas said...

Hola Elder Salazar,

I showed your picture of Aguas Calientes to my parents and they flipped. They couldn't imagine such a beautiful city. When my grandmother lived there is was a bit different.
I am with Bishop won't take long to get re acquainted with home sweet home.
We have missionaries going (Jarom, Colin, Seth) and coming (Mike Aiono, you) Everyone's growing up all around me.aaahhh.
Did you here that Julius Aiono got his mission call...somewhere near San Francisco I think.
Well, I'll let you go. We are very proud of your hard work in the mission field. Can't wait to hear you share some of your experiences.
Siempre tu Banagas

Anonymous said...


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