Monday, September 28, 2009

Leaving Celaya for Leon. 5185 blog hits

Hey mom and dad,

First off good news...I found all my scriptures and my back pack! Turns out it was all in the mission office. What happened was during a concilio, an elder moved my stuff without telling me and I couldnt find it. Since it was late the night we got to the office home (about 130am) I couldnt remember if I had taken it out of the trunk or not so I assumed I had left my stuff in the taxi. I was VERY happy to find my stuff in the offices.

MORE NEWS... I am being changed. I am going to Leon, I will be in the area called Arbide which is actually Pres. and Sis Cox's ward. My new companion will be Elder Maxfield, I am VERY excited. Elder Maxfield is a GREAT elder, he and I were in the MTC together. Elder Maxfield and I will be in charge of one of the biggest and most successful zones in the mission LEON OESTE (West Leon). Elder Toutai will be staying here in Celaya Este, with a new zone leader. I am excited to be going to Leon.

Last Friday Elder Toutai and I were going to baptize a family of three. A mom a Dad and their son. As we were teaching them the commandments I asked the Dad twice if he and his wife were legally married by civil law, he replied both times that they were. The day of their baptism I had my District leader do the baptism interviews. It turns of that he and his wife wanted to get baptized so bad that he had lied to me about being married, he knew that if they werent legally married they couldnt get baptized. I was sad but I could see their sincerity and that they want to be members of the true church, they are willing to get married but the sad thing is that they are moving to another town called Cortazar on Wednesday and some other elders will take over the teaching process. Obviously we couldnt baptize the parents but we baptized the son, all went very well.

I passed that reference on to the Elders in Salamanca! I hope they can find him and teach him the gospel. Time will tell. He lives in my old area in salamanca, there are members that live on that street.

Sorry to hear about Justins knee! That must hurt, alot of atheletes tear that ligament and its ALLLL over. Justin is strong and I know he will come back stronger than ever. When Elder Toutai was a senior in high school he broke both his ankles in a football game, he says his ankles are stronger than ever now.

Anyways, I am excited to be leaving Celaya. These have been some difficult months here but I can honestly say I worked my hardest. So I leave here with no regrets. I know Elder Toutai will be able to pick up the zone and make it into the biggest baptizing zone.
This is a picture of my MTC companions: L-R Elders Callen, Maxfield (my new companion) Ditto & me.

Thanks for all the love and support, I love you all!
Elder Salazar

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celaya. Elder Toutai. Baptism's. Sick. 5085 blog hits.

Hey mom and dad,

I am going to be a little short today because right now I am in the mission offices in Leon for a ZL council. This last week went well, we saw some miracles here in Celaya, a lot of elders and sisters weren’t expecting to baptize and at the last minute a lot of baptisms went through.

Elder Toutai and I got sick this past week. We got some kind of food poisoning, I feel fine now but Elder Toutai still feels sick. I spent kind of a lot of money this week. With us being sick I had to buy Elder Toutai and myself a few things. He feels bad for having to depend on me, but I don’t feel bad giving him a hand, because I went through the same thing so I can’t complain.

Please tell Mark Johnson thanks for the letter and the 10$. He bought Elder Toutai and me lunch! My foot feels fine, I feel good. I feel old though, everyone I once knew in the mission has gone home and everyone else is new here in the mission. Elder Kay my old companion went home Monday =/. Well, I have to run.

Let everyone know everything is well and I love you all! Say hello to Nate, Jen, Justin and Vanessa, Ricky and Sara!

Love Elder Salazar

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celaya. Elder Toutai. Thunder and lightning storm. Convert planning on a mission. 4985 blog hits

Hey mom and dad,

Things are well here. We have been having some heavy rain, and thunder and lightning storms here lately, but usually they are after 8pm, except Sunday morning it rained really hard which made it a little more difficult getting investigators to church, but all went well. We are keeping very, very busy here in Celaya . Anyways, we are working super hard, but seeing very few results so far. Either way we are happy to be serving in Leon , Mexico. Tomorrow is the Mexican Independence day.

Mom, Thank you for putting more money in my account. Lately I have been spending a lot of money. A lot of times we have lunch appointments with members and they either forget or cancel on us, so we have to buy lunch. Since Elder Toutai’s ATM card got cancelled he doesn’t have any money, so I don’t hesitate in buying dinner or something for us to eat. Erica sent me a picture of Fantastic Burger and you’re reminder of Casa Brito, makes me hungry!! I love the food here but to be honest it’s not the same as back home. Here in this part of Mexico the people rarely eat flower tortillas, it’s almost always corn tortillas. Here in the "Bajio" they eat a lot of soups and a type of cactus called "Nopal". But I still love it because it is so authentic. Elder Toutai is doing very well, he is definitely one of my favorite companions because he always has a good attitude, he’s fearless, and he scares all the gangster cholos. He speaks Spanish pretty well. Also a lot of times people think he is from Brazil because of his accent and he is brown like me. He played a lot of football back home, and before the mission he went to LDS Business College, so he plans on going back to get his associates degree, I believe he has one year left. About that haircut picture I sent you... a month ago when Elder Christofferson was about to come here to Leon, Elder Toutai let me use his hair clippers, I was looking for a #6. What I grabbed was a 6mm which is actually a #2 and started cutting my hair. As soon as I made my first cut I knew I had made a very big mistake. There was no way to fix it by combing it or cutting it with another number so we decided the best thing to do was just to buzz it all off. President did get on me when he saw me, but a lot people said my hair looked good buzzed. =D.

Today I received an email from one of my converts back in Salamanca and he broke the news to me that he’s preparing to go on a mission. He’s 17 and is about to graduate from high school. Once he graduates he will have to wait only a few months more and he will be able to enter the temple and leave on a mission. I am very excited!

Time is slowly coming to an end for me, on Saturday I reached my 18 month mark with 6 to go. =/.... I burned a tie to celebrate.

That’s about all I have for you and dad, thanks for everything, I love and miss you.

Love Elder Salazar

Monday, September 7, 2009

Celaya, bad spacebar. 4870 blog hits