Monday, October 26, 2009

Arbide. Elder Mazfield. Baptism. 5515 blog hits

Hey Mom and dad,

This last week went well. We baptized a very nice woman named Juana. We met this woman while walking a few weeks back. As we passed her she asked us where we come from and what we did. We ended up making a return appointment to her house, and this last week she was baptized. She truly was prepared, the lord did put us in the right place at the right time and we helped Juana become a member of the true church.

This last week I have been traveling to other areas of my zone to help out some of the other companionships. So I havent been in my area at all, but it works out well because Elder Maxfield and Elder Granillo have been staying in the area and taking care of all the investigators.

Our ZL council went very well last week. It was probably the best of all that I have been to. We all went back to our areas with a stronger disposition to be %100 dedicated to the work and to help our elders be more obedient and dilligent.

I heard that Tony and Lori sold their house, thats good for them. I too will be sad to see them leave california but I know they will be happy in their new house. Anyways, I dont have much to say this week, but I am doing well. I havent spoken lately in church, but I am really enjoying Arbide, I hope to end my mission here. I honestly am tired everyday but I am trying to work as hard as I can and take advantage of the time I have left, because I know that once its gone, its gone and I cant come back. I love you all, cuidense mucho y permitan que el señor guia sus vidas hacia donde el quiere que lleguen, a la presencia celestial de nuestro padre.

Editors poor translation... (Take care, and allow the man to guide your life to where you want to be, in the celestial presence of our father.)

Love Elder Salazar!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Arbide. Elder Maxfield. Baptism's. 5455 blog hits.

Soaked after rainstorm (click to enlarge)
Hey Madre, y' padre,
Things are well here. Right now I am in the mission offices, we are going to have a ZL council at 4pm today so I am here hanging out with the mission secerataries, we went to the mall today and I bought a new tie from sears for 120 pesos, about 10 bucks. This last week went really well. We got the family of 4 baptized and another person named alejandro. The baptisms went very well, even though the water was cold. Our weather has been great, although it has been getting very very cold at night but other than that the weather has been very nice. For some reason this week we have been meeting alot of ex gangsters that have been living in LA, kinda scary. They have been treating us well though. Other than that, not much news from the week on my side of the border. Sorry to hear that uncle mike was feeling bad, I hope he takes care of himself. I too have learned a lesson about taking care of myself because of my foot and all. I realized getting yourself taken care of isnt a sign of weakness nor a waste of time but a necessity.
Good to hear that Justin has found a good doctor and his surgery went well. He'll be doing wheelies again in no time.
I dont have too much news or much to say this week, but I am doing well. My package still isnt here, but I imagine it will be soon. I love you all and I am enjoying my time here and am working hard. 2 ex missionaries that served in this mission and went home 5 months ago came to visit us in our ward here and all they can talk about is how much they want to come back to mission, so I am doing my best to work my hardest and enjoy every minute because I realize that once its gone, its gone. I am also trying to buy a few souvenirs with what little time I have to buy things.
Thanks for your love and support!
Love Elder Salazar

Street we live on (click to enlarge)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Arbide. Elder's Maxfield & Granilo. New pictures. 5380 log hits

hey mom, and dad,

Enjoyed the email, I am still trying to figure out how to open the pictures to see them. I am on a Dell PC running MAC programs, weird combo. Sounds like Justin had a great bday, that's good. I cant believe he's 30, he is officially a "viejo" (old). Se pronuncia asi..."veeayho".

I was telling a few members the other day about the difference between the food here in the center "The bajio" and the food in the north "Comida norteña". In the north we eat almost all flour tortillas, here in the south everyone eats corn tortillas, I still like flour better though.

Church went well yesterday, but I must say. Its a lot of pressure to be working in president Cox´s ward. He sees just about everything we do, so we must always be on the ball. On the other hand, he and sis Cox are such great people, its like having an aunt and uncle in the ward. Our ward here is pretty big, we have about 140-150 assistance. Everyone goes to classes, the primary is full and things in this ward funcion how they are supposed to. There are 5 missionaries in this ward, including Elder Maxfield, Elder Granillo and my self, also the Office Secretarys, my old companion from Cardenas Elder Verdeja and Elder Sherman. Here in my area we are in a companionship of 3. Elder Maxfield is great, like I said he and I have known each other since day 1 of the MTC. He comes from Boise Idaho. He is the 3rd of 4 sons and has a younger sister. He wants to study dentistry when he gets home, his mom is also a dentist. Elder Maxfield has snow white teeth and a great smile, he uses colgate. My other companion is Elder Granillo. He is from southern Mexico from a state called "Hidalgo". He was born in the covenant so he comes from a very strong family. He is 23 years old, and after graduating from "benemerito" a church ran high school in the capitol of Mexico he decided to study business in college. He finished 3 of 4 years and then decided to go on his mission. He is a great guy, very mature, very patient. He has 21 months in the mission. Elder Granillo is not a zone leader but he is working with us till they can find him a companion. Today is pday and Elder Granillo wants to buy a new suit so we are going to go to a big mall here in Leon. I plan on looking for a few leather souvenirs to bring home. I am doing well on money, except I owe 30 dollars to the mission because my cell phone fell out of my pocket in a taxi =(.

Last week, we baptized a 9 year old girl named Ximena. Her parents are very good people, they aren't members yet but want to be baptized and even go to church every sunday. They cant get baptized because one of them hasn't been able to start a divorce process because the ex husband is in the US. They are talking to some lawyers to speed up the process. We have a beautiful family of 4 that we are probably going to baptize this week. They truly have let the restored gospel take effect in their lives. They absolutely love when we come over and teach them. The father has even stopped smoking. He smoked around 80 cigarettes a week, elder Maxfield and I made up a plan to help him stop smoking. He went from 12 a day, to 10, to 8, to 6 to 3, to 1 , to 0. Right now he hasnt smoked a cigarette since thursday. We are praying for them, and if all goes well they should be baptized on wednesday.

Time truly is going by quickly, today Elder Maxfield and I complete 19 months. We are excited but try not to talk much about our time ending or us going home. We mostly talk about the things we need to work on and get done before our time is over.I took some pictures last week of our house and stuff. I will send them to you now.

Thanks for all the love and support!

Love Elder Salazar

Ximena and some members at her baptism.
(click on image to enlarge)

Our house. Rent is 1500 pesos. $150. Elder Maxfield locking the door.

Red Jello made by ward members.
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Blue Jello made by ward members.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Leon. New Comp; Elder Maxfield. General conference. 5280 blog hits

Bus Trip To Watch Conference

Hey mom, dad and family,

I am in my new area. It is in the City of Leon. Its really nice here. All the houses are new and the people are very nice. Our area is in the hills of Leon so we have a great view of the city, also we are about 10 minutes from the mission offices. I am serving in president's ward which is fun but a lot of pressure to be constantly baptizing. My new comp is Elder Maxfield and Elder Granillo. There is an odd number of missionaries here in the mission so Elder Granillo is staying with us until there is an even number and he can have a companion. The area of the Ward Arbide is really big. We are about 20 minutes from the church building. They have been renting a school bus for 400 pesos($40) to bring people that live far from the building, to come to church. It works out really well.

My house is pretty nice, its small but perfect for a companionship. Its new and I cleaned it last night so its even nicer! Ill take some pics and send them next week. Since we live so close to President Cox and the mission home we work alot with the Assistants and the secretarys here, which makes it fun because we help each other out.

Kind of a funny story about Sis.Cox's cat (named Celaya). I was at a concilio one time sitting next to one of my good friends in the mission, Elder Schow, Sis Cox was giving a short talk. While she was speaking, the cat walked into the room, and rubbed up against Elder Schows legs and then mine, trying to get attention. I payed no attention because I was trying to listen to Sis Cox´s talk. When she finished her comments, I look at mine and elder schows pant legs, which were covered with cat hair. I leaned over to Elder Schow and said "Schow, Im gonna kill that cat...", some how Sister Cox managed to hear the comment but she thought elder Schow said it, she stood up and said "Elder Schow, did you just say you were going to kill my cat!?", Elder Schow immediately replied "those words did not come out of my mouth!!". Everyone laughed because I had said I was going to kill the cat, but Elder Schow got the blame. It was pretty funny, Celaya the cat paid no attention. I do play with the cat when he comes around but he and Sasha are not the same type of personality.

The children here do celebrate halloween/Dia De La Muerte, (Day of the Dead) it is basically the same thing. Trick or treating is not too common because it's alittle dangerous, but a lot of kids do ask for candy. Most people have family over to celebrate.

Conference went really well, I only got to see the first sunday session and I really enjoyed the talks. I got to see part of Elder Holland's talk on the book of mormon, truly amazing! He always gives great talks. They showed us some phenomenal talks from him in the MTC, that have not been published yet. I also Enjoyed Elder Oaks talk on Gods love and his Laws, from the 2nd session on Saturday. We weren't able to see the other sessions if we didnt bring investigators to them. Elder Maxfield and I only managed to bring a family to the 1st session on Sunday.

Anyways, I love and miss you all.

Love Elder Salazar!