Monday, June 30, 2008

Hola familia y amigos!
I really only have about 1 minute to write so here I go... This week has been good, we found 3 new investigators and they are really great people. We have been knocking alot of doors but everyday we have the desire to work/walk! Lol, but I really apreciate your love and support. For some reason this week people have been trying to bible bash us, we had about 4 instances with 2 different religions(Ill let you guess who). So we definitely have been diligent in our morning studies. Well like I said, I have no time, so I will leave you with a picture of a huge dog. Hes the dog of our ward mission leader. Nos vemos!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Andres!( Moroni, our ward mission leader performed the baptism.)

¿Que Onda?

Hola familia y Amigos!
Another great week here in Irapuato Mexico. We had two baptisms this week. Sandrita(12) and Andres(26). They were both really nice and we had lots of support from the varrio(ward). The only problem we had was that the water heater wasnt working properly so both had to be baptized in cold water, =D. Also we put 9 investigators on date for baptism! So we have been really excited because Irapuato is a tough area. Catholicism is really big here. Lots of people have signs on their doors that say :este hogar es catholico, no aceptamos propaganda de otro denominaciones, Cristo vive!: So we knock lots and lots of doors, Irapuato is very firm in its catholic roots. But we are working hard and praying for success!
Pues, tengo que salir, nos vemos!
Love always, Elder Salazar