Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Mom, Dad, and family,

That’s too bad to hear that Bro. Johansen passed away, he was always a really nice man, I will always remember him getting up and giving his testimony.

We went and climbed a pretty big hill today, it was super windy but a lot of fun! Everything has been good here, the weather has been really nice, but it’s starting to really cool down here.

Things here are going good, I’m gonna fill you in with all the news...

First off, our 6 week transfer ended and President is sending me to San Luis Potosi (SLP)which is a 6 hour bus ride from Irapuato. I first have to travel one hour from Irapuato to Leon, then 5 hours by bus from Leon to SLP. I’m really excited, I hear that SLP is very beautiful and very calm (as in there are no gangsters). My companion in SLP will be another American named Elder Call, he has only one transfer (6 weeks) more than me here in the mission but he doesn’t speak Spanish that well, so I think we are in for an adventure. I’m a little sad because I will be leaving my first area here and some people I have really come to know and love.

This past Saturday we had two baptisms, one was of the man that found us in the street and asked us to come by his house. His name is Jose Luis. We are really excited and proud for him. He has been sober from alcohol for almost two months and is a really good person. He is a father of 4 children and two great grandchildren, he is having some really hard financial trouble right now so we are helping him look for work. The other was a daughter of one of our converts, her name is Carla Itzel. She’s a really good girl, always smiling. The baptisms went really great, on time and everything! Our Zone actually will be ending this transfer with about 27 baptisms so we are excited because we broke the record!

Well I’m going to leave you with some pictures, some from the baptism, some from our p-day last week and today. I hope you enjoy the one of my new tactical shotgun =D and one of me scoring a goal!


El Elder Salazar

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey Mom and Dad,

Sounds like things are going well at home and everything’s in the normal. That’s awesome that Brad (Campbell) is home (from his mission), I wonder how he feels? I bet I will feel the same =D. Everything is going well here, In fact we have two baptism scheduled for this Saturday, so pray that they don’t fall through! I haven’t been sick at all. As for medicine, Sister Cox gave every companionship in the mission a big bag of Tylenol. I took some pictures today from our pday but the USB port on this computer is broken so it will have to wait till next week =(. Love ya bye!

We are really short on time today but I will answer your questions.

1. What do you do for drinking water?
--------Every month we recieve 50 pesos to buy a "Garrafon" which is the big bottles of pure water, that’s what we use to drink. But I usually buy 2 liters of Fanta or Sprite =D.

2. What kind of cars do people drive.
--------We see all types here, but for the most part I‘d just say old beat down Fords.

3. What do you do for fun on your p-day?
--------We clean the house, sometimes we go to a mall here, sometimes downtown, today we played soccer.

4. Do you see the effect of the influence you and the American Missionaries have in your ward?
--------In this ward we do, the people really love the American missionaries here so its nice to be received with open arms.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey mama! Hola padre,

This week went well, we had 6 investigators come to church Sunday which was good because we have been having a really hard time getting people to come to church. The weather here has been really nice, except Saturday it rained really hard and we came home soaking wet, but that’s part of the missionary life. Dad sent me some pictures of Justin’s birthday, it looks like it was really fun. I wrote mom that sometimes when I am walking in the street I think about what everyone is doing back at home and It makes me laugh sometimes, to know that we are doing things so opposite, I’m working in Mexico speaking a different language and you guys are partying, =D. Things are going good here, we haven’t had any problems here which has been nice.

Well I gotta run but I will answer your questions.

Con amor, El Elder Salazar

1. How are Elder Callen and the other American missionaries adjusting to Mexico?
-------- They are all doing pretty well, Elder Callen has been sick for almost 3 months so he is having a hard time figuring out what to do. Other than that he is doing well, his Spanish is improving. There are 2 other American elders, and they both are having a really hard time with the language but it just comes with time.

2. How are things with your new companion?
-------- They are getting better. We have found a lot of people to teach this past week.

3. What do you like most about Mexico?
-------- Everything is cheap!!!

4. Do you get much help from the members and Ward Mission Leader?
-------- The problem we are having with the ward is getting steady consistent help from them. Our ward mission leader helps only when he wants to, which is kind of a bummer especially because he served in the Tijuana mission in 2006 and was even a zone leader. But we are working with them and they are definitely improving.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hola mama & pops, family, and friends,

I really enjoyed conference. At this point in my mission it was a big help to me. Especially the priesthood session. I really enjoyed Pres. Eyring’s talk, I felt like he was speaking directly to me because he has a type of spirit and a type of speech that reminded me of grampa Hicken, most of all though, he speaks by the spirit. I also enjoyed watching the choir because it reminded me of when Elder Ditto and I used to go sing in the MTC choir every Sunday. The same guy who was directing the choir in conference used to direct us in the MTC so it was fun seeing him on tv.

As for conference, all missionaries (and almost all members) went to the stake center. It was really fun because they had a separate room where myself, the other American missionaries and other’s could watch in english. There are a couple of BYU students here who are studying abroad for three months so I had fun talking to them, one of them served his mission in Long Beach so we had fun talking. I don’t know if I told you, but one of my friends (Elder Callen) from the MTC is serving here in the same ward as me. Everything here is going well, we are eating good and everything.

Thanks for always writing me and keeping the blog updated, it looks really good! I can’t believe the hits we’re getting.

Well I have to run. I hope all is going well at home, love and miss ya!

Love, Elder Salazar

1. Where did you watch conference? Does it get broadcast in english?

2. How many people are in your ward, Primary, YM/YW?
--------One of our assignments is to count attendance in sacrament meeting, and every week I count between 75 to 110 active members in church. But in our ward directory I would say we have about 200 members.

3. How many wards are in your Stake?
--------I believe there are 4 and one branch that participates with us

4. Are the people of Irapuato friendly to you?
--------Yes and no, people like to make stupid comments. It could be worse.

5. Was McDonalds there as good as at home, and was the menu the same?
--------Yeah I would say it was the same. The menu was the same, it’s just weird because when you see the menu everything is priced in pesos. I’m still used to seeing things in dollars, so a number 2 which is 2 cheeseburgers costs 58 pesos, ($5.18) but at first you think 58 dollars, wow! It was funny, because I’m pretty sure every Mexican Elder that ate McDonalds that day got sick and all the Americans did just fine, hahaha!