Monday, February 22, 2010

Baptism. Sore foot. Training. 7115 blog hits

Elder Salazar, Pres. Cox, and Celaya (Mission Cat)
Hey Mom and Dad,

Good to hear things are going well. Sis. Cox told me she had called and had a good talk with mom. She also told me about her friends that were in the FBI. I think she is going to get me their Emails or something so that I can talk to them about joining. Funny that Sis. Cox told you I have been limping around, I do limp a little bit but Sis. Cox has me taking Ibuprofen everyday again and my foot feels good when I take it but the reason I stopped taking it was because I was building a resistance to it, 3 or 4 weren’t even working. Now I am taking 2 again. I would like to have that foot surgery as soon as possible. this whole foot thing is getting really tiring.

That’s awesome that Julius and Dennis got their mission calls! Both will be great missions!! Congrats!!

Things are going ok here. We are really low on baptisms this month in the mission, partly due to the fact that this is a short month and a lot of elders were just caught off guard. We were able to baptize a young man here named Benjamin, his baptism went well. We have been working with Benjamin since the beginning of January and his conversion has been quite difficult but he has finally made the decision and was baptized this past Saturday. Jorge is doing well; we met and are teaching his wife now. They are such great people; they have a certain spirit about them. The wife is a little skeptical but she is a great person and came to church last week. They actually fed us dinner Saturday night! Jorge told us that he knows the book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Guadalupe (the wife) is reading but hasn’t prayed yet. I think she knows that if she prays something will happen, she might be just a little scared of the commitment due to the fact that her entire family is catholic. Especially at this time because she is 3 months pregnant and I think her family is pressuring her to baptize the baby once it’s born. We are praying for them, but I know they both will eventually be baptized.

This last week should be huge in the mission as far as baptisms go, pray for us. Today we are having zone leader council. This will be my last time training and I will be giving my last ZL-Council testimony. I have been to a million of these councils, they are so much fun, and I get to see a lot of my old companions. The new assistants should be coming in this Friday, I know who they are but I can’t say publicly!! We are sworn to secrecy until they arrive to the offices. One of them is my old companion.

So I received an Email from the mom of a family of my converts from back in Irapuato, It turns out they are going to the Mexico City Temple in May to get sealed as a family, and I believe their son will be receiving his Endowments to get ready to leave on a mission!! The mom asked if I could be a witness in her sealing. I have yet to reply to her, because I don’t know what my plans will be in May but I did have the Travel secretary here look up flights. He found on Expedia a trip package. It’s a round trip flight and a 2 night stay at a pretty nice hotel for $290, so if I have any money left over I might consider a quick trip to Mexico City just to be present in their Sealing and his Endowment session.

About the trainer we found in "Ropa Civil" (plain clothes), haha. He’s actually a really great Elder, he felt so bad he called President Cox and apologized. President had no Idea he was walking around in normal clothes but the Elder figured that us (the assistants) were going to tell Pres. Cox (which we weren’t), so He decided to call president and apologize before we could tell President.

Gotta run, but its amazing how things are slowly changing and coming to an end. Sis. Cox forgot to tell you on the phone that the Stake President needs to be prepared to release me the day I arrive, but I don’t think Ill have a problem getting in touch with him =).


Elder Salazar


Leah said...

BENJ! I'm so proud of my cousin! I cannot wait to see you come home and listen to the stories you have to share! You're mission has been such an inspiration to me. I love you! keep up the good work! -Leah

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

What day and time will you be landing at LAX (or whichever airport)?

Is it policy that a missionary be released the day he arrives home from his mission? It must be because Michael Aiono wanted to meet your Grandpa the day he arrived.

I received a copy of the letter sent to you from Missionary Medical. Elder Aiono contacted malaria while on his mission and his mother was desirous that he get a complete checkup upon arriving home. I found the personnel at MM to be very helpful and compassionate.

Keep taking your meds and hobbling for a few more weeks. The Lord will bless you to manage your pain.

Counting the days.

Bishop Bowring

Anonymous said...


Just in case I dont get to write again. I have enjoyed reading your blog and following you throughout your mission. It has been such a thrill to see how much you have grown. The Lord has great things instore for you I just know it.

What a blessing your mission has brought to the lives you have touched, it will continue to be a blessing throughout your life as you remember the people you taught, your awesome companions and President and Sister Cox.

Trabajar fuerte estos ultimos dias y Return Con Honor!

Con mucho carino

Sue Clark

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

For FHE last night, we read part of a book by Pres Durrant, a former MTC Mission Pres. As we read the book together we thought of you. Pres Durrant said the good missionaries declare their independence to the weather, build others up, and talk about their Mom with the Mom's they come into contact with. He said there is something about acknowledging the goodness of our Mothers that brings the Spirit. You have a wonderful Mother and certainly have much to share that could uplift and delight.

Keep up the great work!

Jeff Trader

Sister Crespo said...

Dear Ben,

Well, you will be home soon. In just a couple of weeks. We are all so excited and waiting to hear all the wonderful stories that you didn't write about. You have been an amazing help to God. He is so proud of you, just as we are. We love you very much. Lori

Anonymous said...

Hola Benjamon,
Well pretty soon we will be having these conversations in person.(I CAN'T WAIT!!) Time has flown by and you have done such amazing things during your time in Mexico. Your stories have inspired many people here and your teachings have changed the lives of so many people in Mexico. God has a faithful servant and we all Thank God for having you. I am on pins and needles and can hardly wait to hear of "ALL" of your adventures and stories. I miss you Ben, and I am so HAPPY your about to come home. I Love you very much, Talk to you soon. Tony C.

Anonymous said...

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