Monday, February 8, 2010

Baptism's. Rain. P-days again. 6870 blog hits.

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Hey mom and dad,

We had a great week. We baptized 7 people this week and all the baptisms went great. We baptized a family of 4 along with 3 kids of a less active woman. Things are going well here in the offices; we are staying strong and working hard. We had 3 straight days of non-stop rain Tues., Wed. and Thurs., which made working a lot of fun.

We actually started having P-days again starting last week but due to the changes and the new missionaries we really weren’t able to leave and do anything. Yes the Elder Salazar that wrote me on my blog did get here last week; he’s a nice kid and can speak Spanish ok. He will be a future leader.

Today we plan on going downtown to buy some shoes. There is a shoe factory called Emyco, they make really nice dress shoes and we are going to the factory outlet where they sell them at a really low price. Emyco also makes CAT work boots, Elder Callen is going to buy a pair to use while working on his farm back home. Also I am going to look into buying a new suit. They sell suits here for about 100 dollars or Mil pesos(1000).

Thanks a lot for working on scheduling my homecoming talk. Be sure to thank the bishopric and the Traders for being flexible. A missionary just came home in our ward here and the bishop didn’t notify him of his homecoming talk, so on the day of Fast and Testimony meeting at the last moment he asked him to come up and talk. Due to Confirmations, blessings and starting late, the missionary only was able to speak about 6 minutes, nevertheless he was great. He has also been helping us out a lot here.

Things are going great here. The bishop here is really starting to pick things up, our converts are receiving the priesthood, callings, assignments etc. That makes us feel good because we know that once we leave the area our converts will stay strong and won’t be so dependant on us.

We had a really great dinner last night with President and Sis. Cox. They are so much fun. President really lights up sometimes, it’s great because all of us here in the offices and president get along really well. I feel like president really trusts us, at least more than the other assistants.

It feels weird knowing that in 5 weeks I won’t be here anymore. It still hasn’t really sunk in but I know the end is near. I am definitely coming home the 15th but my departure and arrival times are not set yet. In the last group that left there was an Elder Holmes from Glendora. He flew home to Ontario airport and arrived at 2pm. I Imagine I will arrive at LB around that time. Once I have my travel plans Ill email you to let you know.

Love you lots,

Elder Salazar

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Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

We are in for a real treat at your homecomming Sacrament meeting; to hear from a missionary who has just returned and one who is just leaving. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time, Seth tells me.

Seth is up in SLC working for my brother. He is working 12 hour days 6 days a week. He has really stepped up to the plate; working very hard. I hope it is good mission prep. His Mission Prep teacher is Elder Hillman, a GA.

We were working with a former Bishop and FBI agent to speak to our youth at youth conference. Unfortunately, he is booked during our week. He wrote a book, Agent Bishop. When you get home, you might enjoy reading it.

Jeff Trader

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