Monday, February 1, 2010

Elder DeHoyos (Area Presidency) visits mission. Baptisms. 7 new missionaries arrive. 6740 blog hits

AP's and Elder Banjamin DeHoyos and wife. (click image to enlarge)

Hey Mom & Dad,
So I am once again writing a little later than usual. Today we had departures and arrivals. 4 Americans and 6 Mexican elders arrived. We got up at 3:30 and were out the door around 4:20 to take the Elders to the airport to head home. Then we had to make changes in the mission at 11:00. The new Mexican elders arrived at 12:00 and the Americans arrived by plane at 3:30. We have had quite a long day. Sis Cox fed them, President interviewed them and we trained them and sent them out to their new areas. Right now I am tired!! We actually just received a new Elder from Utah that has the last name Salazar. It was fun meeting him and knowing that even when Im gone, there will still be another Elder Salazar here to carry the torch.
This has been a really great week. We had the opportunity to hear Elder Benjamin DeHoyos and his wife speak. They brought the spirit really really strong in their talks. Sis. DeHoyos spoke on connecting the Atonement to teaching our investigators, she was great. Elder DeHoyos spoke to us about the gathering of israel. They are really really loving, down to earth people. They have a son named Esteban who is about to leave on his mission to Portugal.
We had a couple of baptisms this week. We had ANOTHER couple get married. One named Rodolfo and his wife Martina. These people truly were prepared. Every chapter we left them to read in the Book of Mormon they read TWICE! We taught them about the law of tithing and they started paying tithing even BEFORE their baptism, they truly are great people, they love us and we love them. Their baptism went really well and we will always remember them and their conversion.
It's sad to think that this is my last change and that I really am on the clock now. I am slowly coming to the realization that the mission does come to an end, this isn't some timeless dream. I honestly hope my last change is my slowest passing change yet.
Well I have to run but enjoy a few pictures! =D
Love Elder Salazar


Anonymous said...

Well Benj I am on the run but I just wanted to say


Keep up the good work.

Lova Ya


Anonymous said...


We are working on moving your home coming up. Don't worry about it as things will work out I am sure.

You may end up speaking with Seth Trader as his farewell talk is on the 28th. The other possibility is on the 21st with a high counselor.

Either way we are looking forward to your return.

Bro. McGinnis

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

I think your last transfer will be your most important - I am sure your new area, Cypress California, will be loaded with good times, adventure and continued growth. It only gets better. A mission provides an excellent foundation to accomplish even greater goals.

I hope the Bishop will ask you to speak at a fireside so Ryan can hear about your experiences and service. Your example is so appreciated.

Jeff Trader