Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elder De Hoyos Mission Tour. Baptised family of three. 6650 blog hits

Elders hitchhiking (click on image to enlarge)

Hey mom and dad,

This last week went pretty well. We got a family married here and it was a great moment to see them be baptized. It was a mom, dad and their son.

As Assistants we have been pretty busy. Elder Benjamin De Hoyos is coming tomorrow (Thursday) and he will be here through Sunday doing a "Mission Tour". Elder De Hoyos is the lst Counselor to Elder Johnson the Area President of Mexico; he will be traveling around the entire mission doing conferences, meeting missionaries as well as local stake leaders. We are getting everything ready for his trip so it will run smoothly.

Lately I have been receiving calls from the assistants in the Guadalajara North Mission asking me what it is that we are doing in our mission to have so much success. Ironically the Assistants in Guadalajara North are brothers of two missionaries from this Mission. Elder Barajas (who was an assistant here in Leon and whom I have worked with before) and Elder Trejo whose brother is a Zone leader here. Also, we came in 2nd to Mexico City East for the year in baptisms. =( we are still happy though. We ended the year with close to 3000 converts. This is pretty amazing considering there are only 150 missionaries in the Mexico Leon Mission. Mexico City East has about 30 more elders than us. We did win in % of baptisms per elder, which were about 19 per elder. 2nd place was 16.

Monday and today (Tuesday) we had Zone leader council. I have one more zone leader council and I am done =(. We have some great Zone leaders, very powerful and dedicated to their zones. We decided to make Elder Su'a a zone leader, you may remember him. He is from the City of Torrance. He’s a great Elder, somehow he even knows Michael Aiono. This Tuesday I will be starting my last transfer. 6 more weeks and it’s all over for me. Elder Verdeja is going to be making my travel plans this week. He says he’s going to be able to get me into Long Beach.

Anyways, sorry I can’t write more but next week I can give a better summary of the events.

I sent you a photo. We usually hitch hike rides here in Leon to get around faster. Here’s a ride we hitched one day.

Congratulations to Michael Aiono for making it home safe and in one piece, but more than anything returning with honor.

Love you all!

Elder Salazar


Mark Bowden said...

Now I know where my used tires end up. I have really enjoyed your mission through reading your blog each week. What a remarkable mission you have had,congratulations.

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

Wow, that picture of you in the dune buggy - quite the ride; good times!

Michael Aiono was amazing. He told us of walking miles thru desert sand and blistering sun to visit one person. They did this for days only to find he was not there, but they kept on going and as a result, were able to teach him the Gospel. I was reminded during his comments that you can't have a habit of success if you simultaneously have a habit of excuses. Sometimes you must do whatever is necessary to meet your objective. It works that way even after your mission.

Suzy and I are busy planning for the upcomming youth conference that will be held in St. George Utah. Our Stake Leadership really love our youth and as such, there are high expectations of our youth, and a strong desire to provide our youth with the experiences they will need to fortify their testimonies of the Savior and strengthen their ability to make and keep sacred commitments.

Jeff Trader

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Bishop Trader stole my stuff about Michael Aiono. We didn't give him enough time in sacrament meeting to tell us about his mission so we have invited him to return and tell us more at a Bishop's Youth Fireside.

We won't make the same mistake (sacrament meeting) with you. Plan on speaking for 45 minutes (just kidding).

Are you not aware that all the Samoans know each other. Well certainly seems that way.

Anxiously awaiting your return.

Bishop Bowring

Crespo said...

I can't believe only 6 weeks left. I am so excited. Hopefully Bishop Browing will really give you 45 minutes to speak. Michael's time was to to short, but he had everyone crying. His stories were great and his family has such amazing voices. Time has gone by so fast. I know will you miss your time out there helping bring people to the Lord. We will be glad to have you back. You can help people out here for a while. Jenny's little tummy looks so cute!
All is good. Talk with you soon.
Love ya Lori

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