Monday, January 4, 2010

Leon. Baptism's. 370 baptism's for December. 6300 blog hits

Elder Salazar & Elder Robles (click on image to enlarge)

Hey mom & dad,

Things went really well in aguscalientes. There are 2 zones in AGS. One called Aguascalientes zone and the other called Aguasjardines zone. I am in charge of Aguasjardines. Things went well. I helped the zone leaders and a few of the other missionaries baptize. Aguasjardines is tied for 1st in the mission for baptisms right now. As for the mission goal of 1000 in December, we didnt do so well. We fell on our face, with only 370 baptisms. BUT we did learn ALOT about our member referal program and other things we did wrong etc etc. It was a good expierence that will help us in the future. Also, helping 370 people become members of the true church is not anything to feel bad about. We are still waiting for the yearly report for Mexico to see if we are the #1 mission of this 2009. We are hoping and praying we make it!!
That's cool Nate found a place to live, wheres he living now??? Is he closer to Best Buy?? Too bad he wont have Fantastic Burger so close, as we say in spanish "que lastima!" (too bad).
New years was ok for us as missionaries. We worked, came home, and Sis Cox made us a nice dinner and sent it to the offices (across the street from her house). Other than that not much was going on. Elder Pickett and Elder Call were in the offices because the next day they were scheduled to head home at 5am. They are heading home a month early to make it into school. Here in mexico the people get really fired up for New Years. People were partying till 7am. The next day when we got up and went to work, there were still people having partys and there was still people walking around. People shoot off alot of fireworks so its hard to tell if its gunfire.
Anyways, thank you Gma/Gpa Hicken and Gma/Gpa Salazar for the money!! I bought myself a new cologne for my bday. Its weird that I am 21 now, I feel like yesterday I was just turning 18 and graduating high school.
Things are going well in the mission, we are still sacrificing our Pdays. I havent had a pday since October! I think we will have pdays again in February. Also some cool news. I just received my Departure form. I am already filling out my travel plans to come home, crazy!!
Anyways, love you and miss you. Pero nos veremos muy pronto. Me da felicidad y tambien tristeza porque amo la mision y no quiero regresarme a casa!! (editors translation: "We will see each other soon. I am happy and also sad because I love my mission and I do not want to return home")


Elder Salazar

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Anonymous said...

Elder Benj,

Happy birthday. We love and miss you, and are very proud of you.

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Can we now consider you a "trunkie"?

With all the success you have had and the relationships you have formed, I'm sure you will be sad to leave your mission. On the other hand, your family - close and extended - will be happy to have you home.

Although the mission didn't make the 1.000 goal, you certainly have to be happy for the 370 new members who joined the Lord's church.

Elder Aiono arrives home on January 21st. We look forward to hearing him tell of us of his mission experiences on Sunday the 24th.

A belated Feliz cumpleanos.

Bishop Bowring

Chacha said...

Happy birthday to you! U live in a zoo! You look like a monkey and u smell like one too!! ;)

Sis Crespo said...

Hello Ben,

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your papers for you to come home. As sad as it is for the members there, we are glad to get you home. It will be great to hear you speak of your wonderful and earth moving experiences that you have had out in Mexico. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love you Lori
P.S. The greatest people have their birthdays in January!

Nathan and Jen said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,happy birthday to Benjamin, happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday Bernj! Love Nathan and Jen and soon to be baby Salazar

Anonymous said...

Dear Benjamin,
21 years old! You are still my little Benj! Dad says I can't cut your steak anymore when you come home,... well we'll just see about that! Happy birthday son!

Love Mom

dbanagas said...

Hey there Elder Salazar,
Greetings from brother B. First, happy belated birthday. I missed it by one day didn't I. Hey, it's the thought that counts. Mark Johnson and I want to take you out for your birthday. And even though you are 21 (wow...21) you only get a soft drink.

Well since you said you were going to keep putting your shoulder to the wheel, I wanted to remind you that I think I still have relatives in Aguacalientes. Thats where my grandmother was born. Her name was Marcelina Montanez. She later married my grandpa Pablo de la Cruz. Of course this was in the late 1800's never know.

Well, gotta go. Proud of you Elder Salazar. Can't wait to see you in a couple of months.

Brother Banagas