Monday, January 11, 2010

Arbide. 21st birthday. 6430 blog hits

“The field is white already to harvest” (D&C 4:4).
Hey mom and dad,

It feels weird to know its 2010 and that I am now 21. Although, it does feel good to be growing and progressing. MY Bday went well. On Wednesday we had a zone conference in Irapuato. When we got back to Leon, Sis. Cox invited us and the Office Secretaries to come over later in the evening for chocolate cake. So after working we went over to president’s house and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, and I got to blow out 21 candles. It was a special night. The cake was really good. Sis. Cox is everything you think she is, loving, kind and patient. She’s always thinking of the missionaries and she truly does love them. I have been blessed to be close to her and president and I see them in their real character and they are truly loving and thoughtful.

That’s good that Nathan found a nice place to live. Does this mean I get the town home????!? LOL

Sorry to hear that Ski Brodowski passed away, I am pretty sure I met him. Either way the Brodowski’s are a great family and I know he must have been a great person to raise such a great family.

Things went well this week. We traveled to all the Zone Conferences with President and Sis. Cox, and gave some training to start the New Year. It was fun to see some of my old companions that I hadn’t seen for awhile such as Elder Whittle, Elder Krebs and Elder Toutai. The Conferences went really well, everyone came out inspired.

Anyways, the mission is going well. We are working hard and the mission is running smoothly. Friday morning at 5am, Elder Maxfield and I drove president out to the airport so he could travel to Mexico City for a meeting with the other mission presidents and the area presidency. You may not have noticed, but 6 months ago they changed the Area Presidency here in Mexico. The old area presidency was President Mickelson, 1st councilor Elder C. Scott Grow and 2nd Councilor Octaviano Tenorio. Elder Mickelson has been a huge help to the Mexico, Leon mission, he and president were really great friends and he gave president some great ideas to pick up the mission. Now the new area presidency is President Daniel L. Johnson, 1st councilor Benjamin D. Hoyos and 2nd councilor Octaviano Tenorio. The new presidency is coming up with some great new ideas for the New Year. They are taking Mexico in a new direction. It’s exciting to see the plans they are making.

Anyways, I am dong well, and we are working hard. Time is short but we are trying to take advantage of every moment.

Love Elder Salazar


Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

Wow - how time flys by...nearing the end of your mission and beginning a life that will include a career, family, and service to others. Life only gets better, you will have many opportunities to extend the things you have learned in the field as you move forward.

Seth turned his papers in last week. Perhaps he will take your place upon your departure; if so, you have certainly left him with a remarkable work to uphold.

Keep up the great work.

Jeff Trader

Anonymous said...

Hi Benjamin,

Happy Belated Birthday. When did it become 2010? I remember when you were leaving I was thinks wow, 2010, so far away and here it is. You are coming home to become an uncle how exciting. If your mom wasn't such a great lady she would be hard to live with, a GIRL in the family, finally!!! The poor child will not know what her bum bum will feel like for the first year of her life as she will never be on it, ha, ha. You will make a great uncle and she will have a wonderful role model to look up to. Hurry Home. Love, Titi.

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar,

Happy Belated birthday! A few months ago when Jake first went to the Young Adult Ward for a visit he told us the people were great but a bit old, they were 21 and 22 so I guess that makes you muy viejo lol!

The New Year is looking good my goal for 2010 is to be rich AND skinny (stop laughing Benj:) We will see eh!

I cant wait to hear all your stories ....but enough of that....make more memories so you have even more to tell us, there is still time for you to witness the miracle of the gospel changing peoples lives. I feel so blessed to be a part of it, I cannot beleive I have been in the church long enough to be sending a son on a mission (or that Im that old arghh!)in the near future. But first Seth and Dennis, such good boys (ok ok men) and I am excited to see where the Lord will have them serve.

Cuidate y trabajar fuerte!

Sue Clark