Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve in the mission hm. BMS phone home. 6210 blog hits

Christmas Eve in the Mission Home
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Hola madre y padre

I agree the phone call was great. I was very happy to have talked to you. Xmas eve was great here, as you can see from Sis Cox´ blog we had a lot of fun.

THANK YOU FOR THE GIFTS!! I liked the socks! Too bad I couldn’t talk to the grandparents but I am glad I got to talk to the all the brothers.

We are now getting ready for January. Once January is over I only have February and that’s it, I am done. I am trying to keep the same pace I have always had in the mission so I keep working harder and harder, and harder!!

I’m about to jump on a bus to Aguascalientes to go out and do some divisions to help some people get baptized in other areas. Ill probably be back in Leon on Wednesday.

I enjoyed xmas and the phone call. Pretty soon well be talking in person! love ya!

Elder Salazar
Send everyone my love...

Happy bday Erica!

Elder Salazar and Mission Hm cat (Celaya)
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matthew crespo said...

dear elder salazar....i am so excited for you to be coming home in only three months,,wow time flys..i know you are having a lot of fun in Mexico and we are all very proud of you and we cant wait to see you in March...keep up the good work ben...matthew crespo..

Sister Crespo said...

Hello Ben,
I am glad you had a wonderful christmas. Someone has a birthday coming up! I will miss being able to celebrate together, but soon you will be home and that is all that matters. Keep up the pace in January so the time will go by fast. You have done a wonderful job and you are truly blessed. We all love and miss you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Lori

Anonymous said...

Hi Benj,

Sounds like you had a fun Christmas. We did too. We had six missionaries over for dinner it was a house full but lots of fun. We like to feed the missionaires coz it makes me feel bad that they are away from home and their families. One of our Elders just went home today and the other is being transferred and we get to have Hermanas now...oh yeah!

I was over helping Nate, Jen and your mom at their new place, its really nice and I know they will be happy there. Jen could bake enough cookies to keep a restaurant in busness with the amount of baking stuff she has.

I hope you enjoy these next few weeks I know you are going to be busy and the time will fly by quickly.

Tienes un buen ano nuevo.

Luv Ya

Sue C

The Hickens said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS BEN!! Love the pics. with love from
Brooke & Brad ;0)

Anonymous said...

Dear Elder Son,
How great it was to hear from you!!(especially as we were tamale tucking!)You sound so grown up. I want you to know how proud I am of you and how much I love you. May your 21st B-day be one of the greatest ever!

Love mom

Anonymous said...

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