Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Arbide. Elders Granillo, Maxfield. 5650 blog hits

Hey Mom and dad,

Things are going well. Elder Maxfield and I are back to working. I am still experiencing pain in my foot, but I am still working till the end. This last week went well. My zone did pretty well in baptisms. Elder Maxfield, Granillo and I baptized 4 of the 5 we had planned. The 5th that didnt get baptized will be getting baptized tomorrow. That was a pretty interesting story you told me about your baptism. Lots of times thats what we do as missionaries. We usually interview the people though. In cardenas The one person I have personally baptized (the picture of me baptizing) was named Thomas. He was in the same situation you were in. His whole family are members, he supported the church and believed in much of the doctrine. One sunday I was sitting in priesthood and his name and his face just came into my mind. After church Elder Krebs and I walked straight to his house woke him up (because he was sleeping) and told him that he needed to get baptized. He agreed and was baptized two weeks later. It was probably one of my most special baptisms, maybe because hes the only person I have actually baptized. A member from cardenas wrote me two weeks ago and informed me that Thomas and his family are all active in the church. Yesterday (sunday) was the last day of the change, it turns out Elder Maxfield, Elder Granillo and I will all be staying together. This came as a surprise because we all thought elder maxfield was leaving. Elder Maxfield now has 14 months in this exact same ward! He was in Arbide 2 then was assigned as financial seceratary to pres.cox in arbide 1 for 10 months, now he is a zone leader back in arbide 2!

Anyways, not much going on here on this side of the border, we are just getting ready for christmas. The Elders in the mission offices are already listening to xmas music, makes me sick!! I would send pics, but I am on a good old 56k I am sure youll understand.

Love and miss you all.

Love Elder Salazar


jay C. hicken said...

November 22, 2009
Elder Benjamin Salazar
I appreciate receiving your blog even though I dont respond as often as I could. We are proud and pleased that you are on a mission. Your mission will have an influence for good throughout your life.I felt like I had been quite diligent and tried to work hard on my mission. Sometimes I wish I had read more, studied more and learned the scriptures better. It seems that a lot of what I remember was put in my brain when I was on my mission. Perhaps that is because a mission provides the spirit, time and responsibility to study the scriptures and use them every day. However I also think a 19-20+ year old brain holds on to the things you learn much better than one my age.
It ws really fun to Justin stay at our home when he came to ride in the mountains with Mark and others.

If you have time please include a spiritual experience or two in you blog.
Uncle Jay

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!