Monday, November 2, 2009

Arbide. Elder Maxfield. Knee hurts. 5585 blog hits

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Hey Mom and dad!

My week was pretty crazy. Let me start from the top. When Elder Maxfield was 14 yrs old he had two knee scopes on his left knee. On monday of this last week his knee started to swell up causing him pain and difficulty to bend his knee and walk. So he decided to rest his knee on Tuesday to see if it would do him anygood. I decided to go work with Elder Schow one of the AP´s on Tuesday . We were working really well but as we started to come down from the 5th floor of an apartment building I accidentally tripped and smacked my foot on the guard rail causing me extreme pain! I honestly thought that I had broken something or had done more damage to my foot, so much so, that I couldnt walk. We had to grab a taxi and head to the offices and grab some crutches. Long story short neither Elder Maxfield nor myself have worked this entire week. My foot is actually back to where it was before. I can walk now but still feel pain. Elder Maxfield hasn't improved. We actually took him to the hospital on Friday and he got an MRI. The doctors at the hospital told us that the cartilidge in his knee is deteriorating and its causing his body to send liquid to the knee, which causes him swelling and pain. We still dont know the exact results because we sent them to the LDS mission doctor, he will examine the MRI and Elder Maxfield will know what his options are. WE are praying that he doesnt need a surgery, because Elder Maxfield and I both go home in 4 months. He is happy and has high hopes for the future.

Other than that, not much news this week because we really havent been working. We didnt baptize this last week but this week we should be baptizing 5 people. A family of 3, and 2 others. To answer your question about me traveling. I do travel alone, but elder maxfield always accompany me to the bus depot. Being a zone leader and when we are doing a division we are authorized to be on the bus alone, but when I arrive to my destination there are always another set of elders waiting for me. I also have my own personal cell phone in case of emergency or if anyone needs to contact me. Dia de la muerte here has come and gone, very few children trick or treat here, but some do. Most people just put on their costumes. But the tradicion here in mexico is that on dia de la muerte, many families go to the grave sites of their loved ones and have a small picnic, they also share memories and I have even heard that they speak to their loved deceased ones as if they were present but I am not sure about that. We didnt do anything special here. But Sister Cox made Elder Maxfield and I chocolate chip cookies and small halloween treat bags, thanks sis cox!

I am doing well and for the moment I dont really need anything, I dont know why but my package still hasnt gotten here.

I love you all and miss you!

Elder Salazar


Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Wow, who knew missionary work could be so dangerous/painful. Do we need to have your parents send you some work boots with steel toes etc.?

I can emphasize with your companion, well, sorta. My left knee is giving me some trouble, although it is not swollen. I see my doctor next week so we'll see what he thinks. I'm guessing an MRI may be down the road.

Your mother and her Activities committee put on a wonderful Halloween party for us on Saturday. Kids, costumes, food and socialability. What more could we ask? No dia de la muerte here.

Hope you are once again able to be mobile and perform your ZL duties.

Bueno suerte.

Bishop Bowring

Sis Crespo said...

Hello Ben,

I am sorry I have not written you in so long. I am sorry you both were down for the count this week. I hope you both get better soon. I deal on the house fell thru, so back on the market we go. I am so excited for Nathan and Jen. A baby girl is just what everyone needs. I cant believe how fast this year has gone. Miss you very much. Keep up the great work and will talk with you again soon.

Love Lori