Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Arbide. Elders Granillo, Maxfield. 4 baptism's. 5705 Blog hits

Hey Mom, and dad,

This last week went really well. We were able to baptize 4 people, we have 9 baptisms this month with one more for the end of this week. We baptized the husband of Juana (the lady that contacted us in the street) and lately we have been working really hard to get her 14 year old daughter baptized, finally, this sunday she told us she wanted to get baptize but only if I would baptize her! So this thursday, Miriam will be baptized at 7pm.

All is going well. We are getting ready here in the mission for December. In December we plan on baptizing 1000 people. We started a very great referral program with the members, and we have received over 1000 references and names of people we can visit. So right now we are beginning to visit all them, so we have a ton of work! We also have to make sure that our elders are following through with the program. My foot is doing ok, Elder Maxfield is doing alot better. I may have not told you but Elder Granillo has 23 months, in the mission and it turns out he is going to have to leave the mission early due to schooling. He will probably leave the 20th or the 21st. We will miss him. Elder Ditto is doing well, he is zone leader in Aguascalientes.

My package still isnt here, and I suppose its not going to get here, because the seceretarys just went this last week to get pacakages and its still not here =(.

Anyways, I dont have much time, but I love and miss you. Adios!

Love Elder Salazar

A couple shoutouts...

* Felicidades Weston! Deacon, or in spanish Diacono!

* Felicidades Leah! Homecoming queen! In Mexico they dont have homecoming but if they did it would be something like this... Reyna de la escuela!!


Crespo said...

Hello Ben,

Oh my gosh a 1000 baptisms. I know you all will make your goal. It is wonderful to hear of all your success out in Mexico. Keep up the great work. God is so happy with all of the work everyone is doing.

We took the house off the market for now. We will put it back on in the springtime. Maybe just before Easter am not sure. I am a little sad, but God knows what is best and I have to trust in him, that now was not the right time for us to go.

I love reading your letters. Keep them coming. Take care of your self in the winter months.

Sister Crespo

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Wow! 1,000 baptisms in 31 days. You do realize that means 32.2 new members join every day (including Christmas). If you don't work that day or P days, it's something like 35-40. How many elders in the mission? How many baptisms per elder?

Things going well here. Members getting ready for Thanksgiving, of course.

CIF playoffs begin tonight with Pacifica versus Fullerton at Fullerton. The experts favor Fullerton but you never know.

Seth Trader is submitting his papers and he anticipates getting his call sometime early next year. Michael Aiono should be returning in February, I believe.

God bless your efforts in bringing 1,000 new converts to the true gospel.

Bishop Bowring