Monday, October 19, 2009

Arbide. Elder Maxfield. Baptism's. 5455 blog hits.

Soaked after rainstorm (click to enlarge)
Hey Madre, y' padre,
Things are well here. Right now I am in the mission offices, we are going to have a ZL council at 4pm today so I am here hanging out with the mission secerataries, we went to the mall today and I bought a new tie from sears for 120 pesos, about 10 bucks. This last week went really well. We got the family of 4 baptized and another person named alejandro. The baptisms went very well, even though the water was cold. Our weather has been great, although it has been getting very very cold at night but other than that the weather has been very nice. For some reason this week we have been meeting alot of ex gangsters that have been living in LA, kinda scary. They have been treating us well though. Other than that, not much news from the week on my side of the border. Sorry to hear that uncle mike was feeling bad, I hope he takes care of himself. I too have learned a lesson about taking care of myself because of my foot and all. I realized getting yourself taken care of isnt a sign of weakness nor a waste of time but a necessity.
Good to hear that Justin has found a good doctor and his surgery went well. He'll be doing wheelies again in no time.
I dont have too much news or much to say this week, but I am doing well. My package still isnt here, but I imagine it will be soon. I love you all and I am enjoying my time here and am working hard. 2 ex missionaries that served in this mission and went home 5 months ago came to visit us in our ward here and all they can talk about is how much they want to come back to mission, so I am doing my best to work my hardest and enjoy every minute because I realize that once its gone, its gone. I am also trying to buy a few souvenirs with what little time I have to buy things.
Thanks for your love and support!
Love Elder Salazar

Street we live on (click to enlarge)


Del Robinson said...

Hi Elder,
We had a baptism a couple of weeks ago. The lady really wanted to be baptised in a river so we found a nice secluded spot. The river comes out of the Alps, needless to say it was NOT warm.
See you next year,
Elder and Sister Robinson

Jen said...


Guess what? You and I were right...Nathan and I are going to have a girl!!!!!! We found out yesterday and are so excited. You coming home and a new niece for you to play with sounds so great. Sounds like everything is going well. Keep up all your hard work and try and stay out of the rain. I don't know if that storm hit you where you are, but I thought it was funny because the news called it hurricaine Rick! =)

Love you,

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

Glad to hear things are going well for you.

Travis Johnson finished his eagle project and Jacob Clark passed the eagle board. Looking forward to the courts of honor.

The Church parking lot is getting a makeover and perhaps the Stanford building will open up before you get home.

Keep up the great work - I really enjoy reading your blog, thx!

Jeff Trader