Monday, October 5, 2009

Leon. New Comp; Elder Maxfield. General conference. 5280 blog hits

Bus Trip To Watch Conference

Hey mom, dad and family,

I am in my new area. It is in the City of Leon. Its really nice here. All the houses are new and the people are very nice. Our area is in the hills of Leon so we have a great view of the city, also we are about 10 minutes from the mission offices. I am serving in president's ward which is fun but a lot of pressure to be constantly baptizing. My new comp is Elder Maxfield and Elder Granillo. There is an odd number of missionaries here in the mission so Elder Granillo is staying with us until there is an even number and he can have a companion. The area of the Ward Arbide is really big. We are about 20 minutes from the church building. They have been renting a school bus for 400 pesos($40) to bring people that live far from the building, to come to church. It works out really well.

My house is pretty nice, its small but perfect for a companionship. Its new and I cleaned it last night so its even nicer! Ill take some pics and send them next week. Since we live so close to President Cox and the mission home we work alot with the Assistants and the secretarys here, which makes it fun because we help each other out.

Kind of a funny story about Sis.Cox's cat (named Celaya). I was at a concilio one time sitting next to one of my good friends in the mission, Elder Schow, Sis Cox was giving a short talk. While she was speaking, the cat walked into the room, and rubbed up against Elder Schows legs and then mine, trying to get attention. I payed no attention because I was trying to listen to Sis Cox´s talk. When she finished her comments, I look at mine and elder schows pant legs, which were covered with cat hair. I leaned over to Elder Schow and said "Schow, Im gonna kill that cat...", some how Sister Cox managed to hear the comment but she thought elder Schow said it, she stood up and said "Elder Schow, did you just say you were going to kill my cat!?", Elder Schow immediately replied "those words did not come out of my mouth!!". Everyone laughed because I had said I was going to kill the cat, but Elder Schow got the blame. It was pretty funny, Celaya the cat paid no attention. I do play with the cat when he comes around but he and Sasha are not the same type of personality.

The children here do celebrate halloween/Dia De La Muerte, (Day of the Dead) it is basically the same thing. Trick or treating is not too common because it's alittle dangerous, but a lot of kids do ask for candy. Most people have family over to celebrate.

Conference went really well, I only got to see the first sunday session and I really enjoyed the talks. I got to see part of Elder Holland's talk on the book of mormon, truly amazing! He always gives great talks. They showed us some phenomenal talks from him in the MTC, that have not been published yet. I also Enjoyed Elder Oaks talk on Gods love and his Laws, from the 2nd session on Saturday. We weren't able to see the other sessions if we didnt bring investigators to them. Elder Maxfield and I only managed to bring a family to the 1st session on Sunday.

Anyways, I love and miss you all.

Love Elder Salazar!


Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

English please for concilio. My English/Spanish dictionary only lists conciliar which means to reconcile. Obviously not what you were doing.

Funny cat story.

Elder Holland is certainly one of the outstanding speakers in the church. His talks are always inspiring. He's one of my favorites.

How big a city is Leon?

As always, watching the conference sessions made me want to do better and to be better

God continue to bless you in your missionary efforts.

Bishop Bowring

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar,
Sorry I havent wrote in such a while Ive been really busy but, Im glad that you are having a wonderful time in Mexico, we are all so very proud of you and miss you, and Im glad that you are bleesing peoples lives down there,
have a great time with it and keep up the great work and we will see you soon
Matthew Crespo