Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celaya. Elder Toutai. Thunder and lightning storm. Convert planning on a mission. 4985 blog hits

Hey mom and dad,

Things are well here. We have been having some heavy rain, and thunder and lightning storms here lately, but usually they are after 8pm, except Sunday morning it rained really hard which made it a little more difficult getting investigators to church, but all went well. We are keeping very, very busy here in Celaya . Anyways, we are working super hard, but seeing very few results so far. Either way we are happy to be serving in Leon , Mexico. Tomorrow is the Mexican Independence day.

Mom, Thank you for putting more money in my account. Lately I have been spending a lot of money. A lot of times we have lunch appointments with members and they either forget or cancel on us, so we have to buy lunch. Since Elder Toutai’s ATM card got cancelled he doesn’t have any money, so I don’t hesitate in buying dinner or something for us to eat. Erica sent me a picture of Fantastic Burger and you’re reminder of Casa Brito, makes me hungry!! I love the food here but to be honest it’s not the same as back home. Here in this part of Mexico the people rarely eat flower tortillas, it’s almost always corn tortillas. Here in the "Bajio" they eat a lot of soups and a type of cactus called "Nopal". But I still love it because it is so authentic. Elder Toutai is doing very well, he is definitely one of my favorite companions because he always has a good attitude, he’s fearless, and he scares all the gangster cholos. He speaks Spanish pretty well. Also a lot of times people think he is from Brazil because of his accent and he is brown like me. He played a lot of football back home, and before the mission he went to LDS Business College, so he plans on going back to get his associates degree, I believe he has one year left. About that haircut picture I sent you... a month ago when Elder Christofferson was about to come here to Leon, Elder Toutai let me use his hair clippers, I was looking for a #6. What I grabbed was a 6mm which is actually a #2 and started cutting my hair. As soon as I made my first cut I knew I had made a very big mistake. There was no way to fix it by combing it or cutting it with another number so we decided the best thing to do was just to buzz it all off. President did get on me when he saw me, but a lot people said my hair looked good buzzed. =D.

Today I received an email from one of my converts back in Salamanca and he broke the news to me that he’s preparing to go on a mission. He’s 17 and is about to graduate from high school. Once he graduates he will have to wait only a few months more and he will be able to enter the temple and leave on a mission. I am very excited!

Time is slowly coming to an end for me, on Saturday I reached my 18 month mark with 6 to go. =/.... I burned a tie to celebrate.

That’s about all I have for you and dad, thanks for everything, I love and miss you.

Love Elder Salazar


Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

Sounds like you have great companions, although I am not surprised. I think you could get along with and get the best out of anyone you associate with.

We took Seth up to BYU Idaho - he seems to like it.

You have a great Mom and Dad - they are very good to us and you need to know they are being blessed in your absence. I saw Ricky and his wife a couple of days ago. We are thrilled because your brother, Justin, is going to do some work for us to upgrade our bathroom lighting. I am looking forward to the project.

Keep up the great work. You really are blessing the lives of others.

Jeff Trader

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Last Saturday the stake held it's annual "Prepare the Way" activity. We met at the Bolsa building then went to our assigned street where the young men and women knocked on doors and asked the occupants if they would be willing to take a brief survey

Unfortunately, our group had no success - people not home or declined to take the survey. Good introduction to trackting, huh?

On Sunday night we had the follow-up fireside at which President Watrous of the Calif. Anaheim Mission briefly spoke then showed a segment of the "Preach My Gospel" DVD. It was a moving experience and we intend to show another segment at a bishop's fireside later this year.

Keep up the great work, almost trunky.

Bishop Bowring

SisterBalderas said...

Dear ElderSalazar,
I hope you don't mind me writting you.I am praying for you on your mission.I have been reading some of your blogs and I am sitting here with tears of gratitude to Heavenly father for Him leading me to you.
My husband is now in Salamanca,Colonia San Pedro.He is not a member.I have been a member for 30 years and have been married to my husband almost 17 years.I have prayed so long for him.Through a series of hearbreaking events,we have been seperated since last Christmas.But in that time I have grown closer and to the Lord and my testimony has grown so much.I know that my precious husband and i will be reunited and one day sealed in the temple.I have prayed unceasingly since he left that heaqvenly father would send someone into his life who could share the restored Gospel with him and that his heart would be moved.You cannot imagine the joy in my heart when I came across your blog and saw that you are right in the area where he and his family live!God truly does answer prayer.
His mother lives there and his older brother is also in Salamanca.He has a sister and brother in Valle de santiago and I believe he has family in Irapuato where he was born.
If you could even just pray for him I would be eternally grateful.I have put his name on everytenple prayer roll in the states and in mexico.Maybe that sounds crazy,but I know this Gospel is TRUE!I love him and our families and nothing is more important than eternity with them and our Heavenly Father.
I hope to travel to Gyanajuato at Christmas and am trusting the Lord in everything-He has so far answered every prayer and I believe He will continue to do so.
I want to know about the church there and to serve when I go.
I know you are busy,but if you can write me ,I will send you any referrals I can.My e-mail is pepafifi@yahoo.com
Muchas Gracias y Dios te bendiga,Elder,
Sister Linda Balderas
Alpharetta Ward
Roswell Stake
Cumming Ga,USA