Monday, September 7, 2009

Celaya, bad spacebar. 4870 blog hits




Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:


Seriously, it's good news that your feet and knees are holding up under your very busy schedule.

Seth Trader is off to BYU Idaho and is getting his missionary papers started.

Your missionary success is thrilling to all of us. God bless your efforts.
Bishop Bowring

dbanagas said...

Elder Salazar,

Leave it to our Bishop to start out with something funny. He has a quick mind doesn't he?

If you have a chance to read Elder Price's blog, his spanglish one is too funny.

Remember when you first were learning. crazy huh how far along you have come.

I'm glad to hear of your success in the mission field. Glad your legs and knees are hanging in there. Don't forget , you, me, brother Hicken have to do do Whitney when you get back :)
Well take care. Estoy muy orgulloso de ti. Usted es un ejemplo maravilloso para todos nosotros.

Siempre tu amigo,

brother Banagas

Anonymous said...

Love the washing machine...reminds me of the old country back in the day ha ha!

Hope you have a great week, I look forward to your letters/blog every Monday it brightens my day.

Love to you and mucho suerte en su area y zona, encontrar, predicar, testificar y bautizar!!


Sister Crespo said...

Dear Ben,

You look so happy and fulfilled. I am very glad for all of your success. I can see you are going to have many blessings in your life and you deserve them. God is so thankful for all you are doing for him. Keep up the great letters for all of us to read. How is the weather out their now? I like your washing machine. Is that the latest model? Take care and I will talk with you next week.

Love Lori