Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celaya. Elder Toutai. Baptism's. Sick. 5085 blog hits.

Hey mom and dad,

I am going to be a little short today because right now I am in the mission offices in Leon for a ZL council. This last week went well, we saw some miracles here in Celaya, a lot of elders and sisters weren’t expecting to baptize and at the last minute a lot of baptisms went through.

Elder Toutai and I got sick this past week. We got some kind of food poisoning, I feel fine now but Elder Toutai still feels sick. I spent kind of a lot of money this week. With us being sick I had to buy Elder Toutai and myself a few things. He feels bad for having to depend on me, but I don’t feel bad giving him a hand, because I went through the same thing so I can’t complain.

Please tell Mark Johnson thanks for the letter and the 10$. He bought Elder Toutai and me lunch! My foot feels fine, I feel good. I feel old though, everyone I once knew in the mission has gone home and everyone else is new here in the mission. Elder Kay my old companion went home Monday =/. Well, I have to run.

Let everyone know everything is well and I love you all! Say hello to Nate, Jen, Justin and Vanessa, Ricky and Sara!

Love Elder Salazar


Anonymous said...

Hi Elder Benj.
Just want to send our love and support to you. It sounds like you are doing outstanding in your mission. Zone Leader and all!!! Keep up the good work and remember how proud we are of you. We love you and pray for you often.
Love, Shelly and Family

Ricky said...

Yo Ben, I know its been a while since we last wrote, but we've been thinking about you. Keep up the good work. By the way Sara and I made Nopales tostadas a couple of weeks ago. mmmm. With Cojita cheese. Love you. -ricky

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Darn it, Elder, don't you remember I told you not to eat Mexican food while on your mission. Just kidding.

We had a very spiritual stake conference last weekend. Everyone that spoke did a beautiful job.

The music for the Sunday morning session was by the fathers and sons in the wards and branches. I thought we sounded very good (no, I'm not prejudiced. Well, maybe a little.

God continue to bless you in your efforts to bring the gospel to His children in your mission.

Bishop Bowring

Nathan and Jen said...

Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. Let me say that I can feel for you, morning sickness with the baby is not fun. We are 12 weeks now and have heard the heartbeat twice. Nathan and I can not wait for you to be home! Keep doing the amazing job we know you can do and can't wait to hear from you next week. Love, Nathan and Jen

Anonymous said...

Elder Benj, I know of a cure to help your food poisoning. Eat a choco taco with a large glass of horchata. Justin and I were at Uncle Jay's house. We all kneeled down at breakfast and Uncle Jay prays for you everyday. We havnt forgot about you. Make us proud. Send me your resume, you got a job when you get home.-Clint

Lee Salazar said...

Elder Salazar serving in Mexico Leon! This is ANOTHER Elder Salazar that is called to serve in Mexico Leon! I go to the MTC December 2 and I'm super excited to serve! I found your blog by searching Mexico Leon Mission on Google Images and your picture came up saying Elder Salazar underneath. Obviously intrigued, I clicked and voila, now I'm reading your blog! My dad's side of the family is from Peru, so that's where our Salazar comes from. How about yours?