Monday, August 31, 2009

Celaya. Reached goal, 417 baptisms for August. 4770 blog hits

Hey mom, dad and family!

Congrat-ulations to Scott Sornbutnark, I am glad he's found someone that he can be happy with.

Things are going very well here in the mission. We are back to normal pdays and even better, we reached our goal of 400!!! We actually baptized 417. Elder Toutai and myself have been traveling a ton trying to seal deals on all of our remaining baptisms and trying to fill our goal of 30 in the zone. We worked really hard and honestly did all we could but we only reached 28 baptisms for the zone and our goal was 30. We are going to figure out what we can do better for this month and improve. Not much news here other than that.

As you know there are 4 of us living in one house. We decided to open another area here in Celaya and the assistants told us to send Elder Gutierrez and Elder Richards to open it. So they will be moving out and Elder Toutai and I will be all alone in our two story house. The house will be a little cleaner, a little quieter and the bathroom will be more accessable.

Some good news, Elder Maxfield and his companion broke the baptism record for a companion ship in one month by baptising 23 people in one month! The old record was 22 held by Elder Holt and his comp Elder Lopez. Congrats!!!

Here's a picture of Elder Holt my ex Comp, Elder Ditto my MTC comp, and Elder Maxfield from the MTC. We are all at concilio here.

Love you and miss you all.
Elder Salazar!


Scott Hicken said...

Hi Benjamin! Way to go on reaching your mission goal! That is amazing when you think you could make two GG 6th Wards in just one month from the total number of people your mission baptized. You look different I must say, not like the cute little "one" I remember ha ha. Are you taller or just better looking? Work hard remember we think of you and pray for you by name every day.

Love Uncle Scott

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

Wow - blazing saddles!! That was quite a goal to reach; I am sure it came from mucho effort and sacrifice as most good things require to come to fruition.

Sisters Lee and Price are the new seminary teachers for our building. Seth gave a talk last Sunday in Sacrament meeting and outlined all of the pranks they pulled in Seminary - I was a little on edge. I am confident the students won't be able to get away with too much; afterall, these instructors have eyes in the back of their heads.

Seth goes to school this week - he is going to BYU Idaho. I will really miss him but I know he'll have a great time - hopefully not too much of a great time; I want some of his new friends to be text books.

I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing of all of your success and experience. Thx!!

Jeff Trader

Lori said...

Hello Ben,

You look so good. That was amazing to over reach the goal of 417. I am very glad for your success out there in Mexico. You have reach the hearts of many people. Just as you have touched the heart of my family. I cant believe soon you will be home. The time has gone so fast. I dont know if anyone has told you but we just put our house on the market to sell. We want to buy a house in St. George, Utah. You keep over reaching your goals. Always remember we love you very much and miss you.

Love Lori