Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Celaya. Zone Leader Conference. 4695 blog hits

Hey mom and dad,

I am in Leon, Guanajuato for a zone leader council. I don't have anytime to write, but I plan on writing you most likely later today or tomorrow because Elder Toutai also has to write. I am doing well, spending lots of $$$ because Elder Toutai's ATM card has also been cancelled. I sent a picture of Elder Lopez, who completed his mission, and went home last week.

All is well,

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Glad yo hear you're so busy you can't write. Iam grateful to have such a righteous son who is willing to work hard, and serve the Lord. You are a true blessing to our family, and those you serve. I love you!
the mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Benj,

My mind is racing and I cant think what to say but wanted to let you know we love you and think about you ALL the time. Glad to hear that you are busy busy busy doing the Lords work, you will always be blessed for your love and dedication to the people of Mexico.

Any luck on that referral, a whole family is waiting!!!!! Bautismos listos y esperando.

We had girls camp recently and it was a lot of fun, our YW keep me young, however I am really in the Stake Primary. You know how I am jack of all trades and master of none!

Keep working and smiling!

The moms Brit friend!!!