Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trip to Leon to hear Elder D. Todd Christopherson speak. 4 Elders, 1 bathroom. 4630 blog hits.

Hey Mom and Dad,

Things are going ok, this last week has been very hectic. Life as a zone leader is hard. I not only have to worry about myself and my area, but the other Elders and Sister missionaries and their areas. I am trying to balance my zone while making sure I have success in my own area. All the while keeping them happy and enthusiastic. I am very tired, but happy.

Elder Christofferson was here in Leon yesterday with Elder Daniel K. Johnson of the 70, (the New Mexico area president). They both spoke to us and it was great. Elder Christofferson served his mission in Argentina, so he speaks Spanish really, really well and Elder Johnson was born in the American colonies of Chiuahua Mexico. He gave a few missionaries the opportunity to ask him questions. I stood up and asked a question. I told him that the scriptures tell us we need to be one or have unity, I then asked; In the quorum of the 12 how do you all maintain unity if there are 12 of you and you all have to come to a decision? He explained that each member of the 12 has their strengths, their opinions and they all come from various proffesional backgrounds. He shared a funny experience he had with President Eyring, where Elder Christofferson shared an Idea he had (which he thought was a great Idea) and President Eyring completely disagreed and completely shot it down. But he responded that when we share our ideas and opinions in love and respect, and focus on what really is the will of the lord in any situation, we will all come to an agreement and be one on a decision.

As for Celaya, I am really struggling in my area to find investigators. This truly is one of the harder areas I have worked in and I am still trying to figure out how I can have success.

Elder Toutai is doing well. He really isn’t that tall but he is a giant. He is a really strong guy. We have a lot of fun because he is really dedicated and truly depends on the lord, he honestly puts his trust in the lord and not himself. We are still living 4 in a house. It’s really fun, sometimes it’s crazy, and sometimes we live like little pigs =/ but we have fun. We only have one bathroom which is hard, lol. But we all manage. We all get along well. It’s funny because there are 3 Californians in one house, myself, Elder Toutai from Rancho Cucamonga/Fontana and Elder Richards from San Diego. So we have a lot in common. I am happy and enthusiastic about the work, it’s very hard and tiring but it brings a lot of satisfaction.

I forgot to tell you, my first companion Elder Velez (in picture) ended his mission today. he will be in his home today at about 1pm, he will be missed. Also my other companion Elder Lopez G. went home on Saturday, he also will be missed. Also, the other day I was going to use Elder Toutai´s hair clippers, I grabbed what I though was a number 6 but it was actually a number 2. So my hair is really short... oops! Lol.

Elder Christofferson said that every time we write our families we should always share at least a small part of our testimonies....

Yo se que dios vive, el no ha dejado de hablar con nosotros. El no puede ni dejara de hablar con nosotros porque el nos ama. Sigue llamando Profetas para guiar su iglesia. Desde Adan a Thomas Monson dios nos esta guiando. Jesucristo es el Salvador de toda humanidad, ha efectuado un sacrificio expiatorio perfecto, lo cual nos permite ser limpios de nuestros pecados y vovler a la presencia del padre!

(Editors note: Below is my poor Spanish to English translation. Rick.)
“I know that God lives, he has not stopped speaking with us. He cannot nor would he stop speaking with us, because he loves us. He continues calling Prophets to guide his church. I accept Thomas Monson as a prophet of God. Jesus Christ is the savior of all humanity. His sacrifice allows us to be washed of our sins and to return to the presence of our father!”

With much love!

Elder Salazar


Sister Crespo said...

Hello Ben,

I just love your stories, pictures and your testimony. You help strenght my testimony when I read your letters. How exciting that was to listen to Elder D. Todd Christopherson speak. I bet that was very inspiring for you all. Can you believe summer is almost to an end. Things are going really good. Tonight Tony and Matt went over and help Travis with his eagle scout project. Matt is doing really good. Jessica got a promotion at work to supervisor and she is really happy. Erica is still working like a horse. Grandma Helen sends her love and she misses you very much and thinks of you all the time. Keep up the great work you are doing for the Lord. We all love you and pray for you while you are away from us.
Love Lori

dbanagas said...

Hey Elder Salazar,

Greetings from the barrio. Yo soy tu amigo brother Banagas.
It is wonderful to hear of your adventures. They are better the the Zorro books I use to read as a kid. All your adventures. I so hope you are keeping a journal :)
Every time I hear from you and Elder Aiono and read your testimonies...it tears me up. Such growth Ben, such love for a country where my grandparents were born and raised. You are so blessed to be called to Mexico.
I know you get a ton of these so I'll say so long for now.
And Elder Salazar, temporally speaking you have missed nothing back here in the OC. The beaches are still here and will be here when you get back. Your friends are still here and will be when you get back. Get the picture? But by going on your mission...2 years for the Lord, Eternal blessings for you.
I am very proud of you.
Siempre tu amigo....Brother Banagas

Anonymous said...

Hola Benjamon,
I am so sorry i haven't written to you lately. I have been very busy with the Boy Scouts. I am so happy to hear of your blessings. That must have been great to hear the elders speak to you guys. Ben , I have to tell you, this BS stuff has really opened my eyes to a ton of new things. You will be happy to hear I was the first one to get his Duty to God patch at Lost Valley Encampment. Whoppie!! Then it was off to Catalina. Another great time. I see now what I missed not being a BS. I miss u Ben. The only thing that would have made it BETTER, was having you with us on those trips. But soon we will make these trips together, I hope. Be SAFE and remember I LOVE YOU Tony C.