Monday, July 27, 2009

310 Baptism's for July, Elder D. Todd Christopherson to visit the mission. 4380 blog hits.

Hey Mom & dad,

Not too much happened this week. I DID get my card (the temporary) but here's the thing, it was already expired since june 13th! Lol. dont worry, today elder Holt and I have a zone leader council meeting in Leon and I have already verified that my new card has arrived in the mission offices, so today I will be going to get it.
Like I said, not too much this week but I will give you a "David Letterman" style run down....

------ We baptized 310 people this month. Our goal once again was 300 and we made it again! This mission is truly changing and its amazing.
----- Two of my old companions are going home the 17th of august, Elder Velez my first companion/trainer and Elder Lopez.G who I was with in San Luis. They will be missed.
------ President Cox announced that our mission has been selected BY Elder D. Todd Christofferson to be visited in the month of august, most likely the 18th or 19th. Elder Christofferson and Elder Johnson of the area Mexico presidency will be visiting us and talking to us! Thats 2 Apostles in less than 6 months, we are all very excited.
------ No baptisms this week =(, and I am still struggling to find investigators.
------ My foot has been feeling well. Except on saturday it rained really hard here and my comp and I had to run home to take all our clothes down from clothesline outside, and my foot has been sore these last couple days. Despite some of the dificulties of the work.
I still find myself enjoying every day of the mission more and more also the opportunity to serve my zone, its alot of pressure but at the same time I feel alot more satisfaction from helping the other Elders/Sister missionaries in my zone.
Thats all I have for this week,
Thanks for ALL the love and support!


Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

Our Stake just finished with a LDS Boy Scout encampment.

Unbelievably the boys took first place in athletics and the camp competition. Who would have ever thought, our small in size Stake could top the larger southern Stakes. It goes to show that size/resources isn't all that matters - Spirit, leadership and the will to make it happen are the keys to achievement.

Good to hear from you. Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hi Benjamin,

I am curious, after your teachings and you baptize someone, who is there to follow-up with these individuals when you are relocated?

Are the people you baptize able to communicate with you after you leave?

I love reading your blog every week. I hope you are keeping a diary, Sunday dinners will be lots of fun at your house when you come home I bet.

Take good care of yourself.

Love Erica's Titi...

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:

Bishop Trader stole what I was going to tell you. Oh, wait, the older young men are going to Catalina next week. Leaving Monday and back Thursday evening. Surfing, snorkeling etc. Jealous? Sorry.

Also sorry to learn the foot is barking again. I know rest would help but that's impossible, isn't it.

You are so blessed to have Elder Christopherson visit the mission. Your good works is being rewarded.

Bueno suerto & God bless.
Bishop Bowring

Taylor Bourne said...

You better fill me in on this foot business, I've been MIA and missed the memo =[

Anonymous said...

Hey Benj,

Just a quick note. The kids had fun at camp and are getting ready for Catalina next week. Jake is doing his Eagle Project tomorrow yee haa! Life is busy as usual...and I had so many plans for the summer hmmm! Girls camp will be coming up next, Im really looking forward to that, know any fun pranks!!

TTFN Con Carino