Monday, July 20, 2009

Celaya, San Miguel De Allende, ATM card. 4320 blog hits

Hey Mom y’ dad,

Things are ok here. My foot hasn’t been bothering me at all which has been a major blessing and honestly a miracle. Also, my bank card is here. We have interviews with President Cox on Wednesday so I am sure he will bring it to me.

Sounds like things are going well back home. Things are going ok here. We had a baptism fall through this week, which hurt, but we will help her get baptized this week. We have been having a few little problems here in the zone with disobedience so it’s been hard for Elder Holt and I to be focused but we are doing our best. Elder Holt and his companion had two baptisms which went very well. Although after the baptisms one of the water pipes broke in the ceiling which sent water gushing through the ceiling like a waterfall! I’ll send a picture of it. Other than that, not too much going on. We are working really hard here and looking for success. Thanks for everything!


Elder Salazar

Ps. Feliz cumpleaños Jen!

1. Besides candy, what else goes on in Celaya?
------Other than candy, Celaya isn’t known for much more than that.

2. Is Celaya a modern city? Do they have fast food and big stores?
------Its pretty modern, not as modern as San Luis but its ok. They have McDonalds, Costco =D, Wal-Mart etc, Movies, etc. etc.

3. Are there any craftsmen hand making items there?
------I am always on the lookout but I haven’t found any authentic handmade items. The other day I saw a guy selling some guitars but he was far away so I couldn’t check them out. Elder Holt is teaching a guy that makes rings, so we are all thinking about getting mission rings made for cheap.

4. Tell us something...
------This week I had to go to a town about an hour away from Celaya called San Miguel De Allende in order to do some baptism interviews. It’s a very big tourist town FILLED with American people and rich Mexican citizens. It is very beautiful but the people are very snobby. There are a ton of Americans walking around speaking English, it was very weird being there. We had fun. The city is very beautiful and colonial. If you ever come to Guanajuato we will definitely take a trip to San Miguel De Allende.

I will include a picture of a Catholic temple in San Miguel De Allende that we all think looks like the San Diego Temple!


Jennifer Salazar said...

Thank you Ben! It is soo good to hear that your foot feels better. Our prayers have been working! I am also glad to hear you finally got your bank card. I can not wait to read your next blog and wish you the best on your journey. I wish you tons of saftey and good luck!

The Hickens said...

Hi Elder Salazar!!! We were just talking about the other day and hoped things were going good for you. Brad and I pray for you every night in our prayers before bed. Glad to see your doing well. ;)

Brooke & Brad

Lori Crespo said...

Hello Elder Salazar,

I am glad to hear your foot is not hurting you now and I hope it stays that way. I hope the missionaries start behaving themselves. You are doing such great work out their and we are all very proud of you. Tony and Matt are at boy scout camp this week. It has been really quiet around here, but don't tell them I miss them very much. I will continue to pray for you.