Monday, August 3, 2009

Celaya. New Mission goal 400 baptism's for the month of August. 4455 blog hits.

Hey dad!

This has to have been one of your most eventful emails yet! That’s awesome Nathan and Jen are going to be having their first child. I bet mom can’t sleep at night, thinking about it. Let’s hope it’s a girl. I watched the video on YouTube and that was a typical mom expression, lol. In the mission we often talk about when we opened our mission call and how we and our families reacted and I often tell people how mom and Grammy just about jumped out of their socks when I read my call.

Sounds like Vegas was fun. That picture of Nathan with the SAW (squad automatic weapon) looks awesome! What caliber is it?

Things here in Celaya are going ok. Actually Elder Holt and I are now officially companions. He and I were both struggling to have success in our areas so we asked president if we could rearrange the zone a little bit and be companions and he gave us the ok. So Elder Richards has a new companion and Elder Holt and I are comps. Things are going ok. We are working really hard. This month the mission is going for 400 baptisms and we are sacrificing our Mondays again.

If I have a few minutes of spare time these next couple of weeks I’ll try to send out a few cards or at least an email or two to the family and Gma, gpa and the brothers.

I DID get my bank card and it works great, I bought 2 new pairs of shoes, a pair of dress shoes for church and some really comfortable proselyte shoes!

I have to be a little short because I am out of time and I received a lot more emails than usual and would like to respond to them all.

Thanks for everything.

Love and miss you!

Elder Salazar


The Bowden's said...

Oh my goodness...a exciting for everyone!!

Congrat's to all!:-)

Mark & Cindy

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:
Hey, by the time you're released, you'll be an uncle!

Jarom Olson just received his call to the Mexico Guadalahara South mission. He leaves for the MTC on December 2nd. Not knowing much about Mexico's geography, is he going to be serving anywhere near your mission? You can answer through your dad.

Speaking of your Dad, he was impressive last Friday in helping Jacob Clark assemble cupboards etc. for his Eagle project. He's a handy guy with tools.

The young men are on Catalina this week. Left Monday early and are due back tomorrow (Thursday) in the afternoon. So far no reports of accidents or illnesses.

A goal of 400 baptisms! Wow! What stories you will have to tell when you speak to us in a sacrament meeting.
Bishop Bowring

Sister Crespo said...

Hello Benj,

I am glad to hear things are going well. So, your going to be an uncle. That's great. I love the video of your mom when she was finding out. We are all doing well and miss you very much. Keep up the great work you are doing?

Love, Lori