Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hey dad,

Loved talkin to you guys xmas! I was a little bummed that the phones were kinda crummy the 24th but the 25th made up for it. Im glad everyone enjoyed their xmas, I enjoyed mine alot it was really relaxing, which is actually kind of surprising when you're a 40 hour car ride (or hundreds of miles) from your house on xmas. I'm glad you guys didnt burn the tamales! Our new years went well last night, we spent it on the roof watching all the fireworks go off, as most probably know, mexican fireworks are ALOT more exciting than american =D! A tree down our street actually caught on fire which was very cool, but was quickly put out. To end the week in a very good way, we had a baptism on Friday of a man named Ulisses, everything went really well.

I actually have some surprising news, I have a new companion his name is Elder Kay, hes a really good guy, he has about 15 months in the mission and is from Alpine Utah. Him and Elder Lopez traded areas in the mission, I have no idea why pres changed them. Well I have to run, but I love all of you, and I thank you all for the nice words you all wrote me. Im low on time today so I dont have any pics, but Im going to burn a CD of all my pictures and send it to you with my package that way if I dont send pics you can put some on the blog.

I will now answer your questions.

1. What's the local hangout for kids? (Clint Hicken)
--------A. The street! Also, internet cafe´s. But really, all the kids play in the street.

2. Any PlayStation's or x box? (Clint Hicken)
--------A.Yeah, they also have here Playstation/Xbox Cafes, so the kids go alot there. Heres a funny story...Elder Lopez and I were knocking doors one day and a little kid answered one of the doors I knocked, I asked him If his mom or dad was home He answered: no, they are gone to work. I told the kid "Thats too bad we are giving out free Xboxs!...But we need your mom or dad to sign for it." He then shouted for his mom, thats when Elder Lopez and I kinda ran off, we had a good laugh. The little booger was lying!

3. Have you done practical jokes on your companions? (Ricky Salazar)
--------A.Great question ricardo, we do. One of the most common practical jokes we have been doing lately is spray pepper spray in the bathroom when someone is showering or using the bathroom. I dont know how many people reading this have been pepper-sprayed but I can testify that it is terrible!! You cant see and you cant stop coughing for a good 15 minutes, but it sure is funny.

4. Did the ward or stake have a Christmas program?
--------A. We did, the stake choir came 2 weeks ago and sang christmas carols, they did a really really good job.

5. What did you do for Christmas eve, and Christmas day?
--------A. Xmas eve we actually worked till 8pm, but this day alot of people invited us to eat, so we ate alot of food and played alot of UNO. Xmas day,I talked to my family, and just relaxed. Elder Lopez, Elder Dalton, Elder Hines and I all went to the local mall and walked around. To top it off we ate burger king, went home and played more uno!

Love you all, thanks for everything!

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Lori said...

Hello Ben,

It was great talking with you on christmas. We all had a great x-mas. My mom and dad were here from Utah. It was really great to see and spend time with them. They just sold there house on Jan. 2nd so they went home because they have to move out in 3 weeks. Hopefully they will be buying a house in St. George which will be alot closer. Are you going to do anything on your birthday? I will be singing happy birthday to you from home. I told you I am hoping to go to the temple on my birthday this month. Everyone is doing really well and we miss you very much. You keep up the great work that you are doing for God. Him and I are very proud of you. Happy Birthday we love you very much. Bye