Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey dad,

I gotta keep this one short and sweet because president only wants us to be on the internet 10 minutes today, but I got your email. I'm going to see if I can talk to the family (you all) christmas eve but its hard here because mexican people celebrate christmas on christmas eve, a lot of the members aren't going to be home or they will be busy so its hard for me to find a tranquilo place with a telephone, if I do find aything out I will call you with a calling card. Here's the information for Xmas day...Like I told mom Mexico has a national calling code, Im almost positive its 020 (actually 52) but if you could please find out that would be great... here's the info 020-(444)-167-1683. 020-(444)-167-1683 I'll be expecting your call at 12pm here in SLP time which should be 10am your time(OC), if You guys dont call me by 12:30 I will call moms cell phone or yours at 12:35 to see what's going on. I cant wait to talk to you guys! I have so much to tell you, a lot of details, and like I said, if I find a way to call the house xmas eve between 7 and 8 I will do it, but If I dont call, just call me xmas day.

I love and miss you guys, right now its hard for me to type because SLP is cold and I can't feel my fingers! I love and miss you, I hope to talk to you all soon.

Love benj!


Dan Banagas said...

Hey Elder Salazar,

Best wishes from the Banagas family. Sounds like you CAN'T wait to talk to your mom and dad and family members. Pam and I remember when our sons called us on Christmas...it was awesome !!
I'm telling you first hand, your parents miss you so much. But they know you are in the service of the Lord and support you. As I do.

I was just reviewing some old scout pictures and one of them was of you shooting and riding your motorcycle.
Let's do it when you get back. Oh yeah !!

Nine months out and counting :) Sounds like overall you are having one heck of a growing and wonderful experience. Can't tell you how proud I am of you. Love you much "Ben".

Feliz Navidad

Brother Banagas
Siempre tu amigo

Ricky & Sara said...

Yo Ben! Feliz Navidad!!! Its Christmas Eve morning and I wanted to wish you a Merry-Mexi-Christmas. If you get a chance, ride your bike over and make some tamales with us. J/K. Happy Holidays and I'll look forward to talking to you on the phone tonight. Love ya!

Tony Crespo said...

Hola Benjamon,

Leah said...

Hi beni! I hope you had an awesome first Christmas out there in Mexico. I bet it was a whole lot different the Christmas at Grammy and grandpa. Hahhha. I missed you a lot this year but I'm so proud of you and am so happy that you are doing the right thing, and that makes everything ok :) well I love you and wish you the best. Good luck keep up the awesome work! Love leah!