Monday, January 5, 2009

Turning 20

Hey mom and dad,

Good to hear from ya. I enjoyed the email, sounds like things are going real well. Thats awesome everyone is doing well and the family is united. There are a TON of disfunctional families here, if they all could find just one hobby that could bring them all together things would be happier here. Thanks for the Supercross update!

Our week went well this week, we brought a family of 4 to church sunday and a girl, so we had 5 in total. If everything goes well this week we should baptize 4. Elder Kay and I have been doing really well, its weird having an american companion but its alot of fun because we both talk about the states. I have had a cough this past week which has made it hard for me to talk, Im losing my voice. Also yesterday morning I was taking a shower and elder hines lit a smoke bomb and threw it in the bathroom, it was funny but didnt really help my cough. Today we went to costco which is on the other side of SLP, but its fun. I love going to costco because they have alot of american food which is hard to find, like MICROWAVABLE CORNDOGS!! Also its fun because there are a TON of gringos(americans) shopping so I feel like im back at home.

Its hard to believe that tomorrow is my bday, its also elder hines´s bday this week, I believe the 10th, so next monday we are buying a piƱata to break open. Also, the man we baptized last week bought me a bday cake! Ill put a picture in so you all can check it out.

Well I gotta run but I love you all very much, Im super blessed to be here in mexico, far from home, but have a loving family that supports.

Love ya! ADIOS!

1. Tell us about your new Companion? where does he come from, and what is he like?
--------His name is elder Kay, he is from Alpine Utah. He has 15 months in the mission and is a really good elder. His spanish is ok but he knows how to work really well, hes good with people. In high school he play basketball, polvaulted and ran track. Hes alot of fun.

2. Do you miss Elder Lopez, your last companion (does he have the same name as your companion in Irapauto?), and what area is he going to?
--------I do miss elder lopez but Im not sad because I know Ill see him again soon, we had alot of fun together. He was really really easy to live with. Elder Lopez went to Celaya as a Zone Leader. Celaya is about 55 minutes from Irapuato.

3. How many missionaries are in your new zone. How often (if ever) do you all get together for zone conference? Do some have to travel very far to meet?
--------I dont have a new zone, just a new comp. But in our zone we have about 18 missionaries. We see each other every monday because we have District meetings in the same building. There are Two zones in SLP,we see the other zone only when president comes for zone conferences.

4. Do your companions tease you because you speak with a mexican accent? Do any of the other missionaries speak like that?
--------haha, no they dont really make fun of me because elders who have a good accent usually can speak better. There are a few other american elders I know that have a very good mexican accent. My next goal is to grow a mexican mustache =D

5. How is the winter weather there like?
--------It has been hot and cold, it doesnt get very hot, but it has gotten very very cold. I saw the front of a newspaper about 3 weeks ago that said. "SLP ranks 3rd in coldest parts of mexico". So it has been quite cold. But with a good jacket and some gloves, it doesnt hurt the work.


sarahhicken said...

Have a great birthday and keep up the good work. We love hearing about all of your experiences. We are so proud of you.
Cory, Sarah, Emma and Drew

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

Have a very Happy Birthday, I promise you a great PR dinner when you get back,

Love ya, Titi.

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday!!



Anonymous said...


Loved the smoke bomb and pepper spray stories!!

Love ya,

Lori said...

Hello Ben,

I love the x-mas tree. You both gave a whole new meaning to Dr. Pepper. I hope your birthday was well. Please tell elder hines I said happy bday. Keep up the great work you are doing. You are truly an inspiration to us all. We love and miss you very much.

Love Lori

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Happy bday Brudda!
love Js

Anonymous said...

Hola Benjamon,
Happy, Happy Birthday. I am happy to hear of your continued success. We will keep praying for you and your companion. I want to tell you that you sound like such a local when you speak Spanish. Erica let me listen to your voice message to her and I was wondering who was this guy leaving a message for her in Spanish. Then I recognized your voice. Perfect Spanish, no accent at all. It was GREAT to talk to you at Christmas. You sound very grown up and Happy. I am Proud of you, Ben. Talk to you next time. Tony Crespo

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It was good to hear your voice on Christmas Eve. It was a bummer that the phones did not work well, but at least you had some time to talk with your brothers. We all miss you very much and are very proud of all that your doing. I love the is amazing to hear your stories. I look forward to them every week!
Talk to you soon, stay safe! Jen