Monday, December 15, 2008

Hey Mom and Dad,

The weather here has been nice and sunny! Friday was day of the virgin (Día de La Virgen de Guadalupe) here and the whole city was one huge party, everyone was drinking and praying to the Virgin Mary, so it made Friday a little difficult for us to work but it was quite an experience. Things are going well here in the mission, I’m enjoying the experiences and time seems to be flying by, I’ll be talking to you guys really soon by telephone, I still don’t know the details on how or were but I’m sure they will tell us.

I saw the pics dad sent me and the video, from the pictures and the video it looks like the party was HUGE! It looks like it was really fun though. I’m super excited for Nate and Jen. It looks like Nathans party went really, really well. That’s awesome that Jen said yes. I watched the video and everything, Jen looks like she was in total shock! I was thinking of Nathan Friday night, I told my companion that Nate was going to propose and he asked me "to Erica?" I thought that was pretty funny.

Today for our p-day we are heading out to buy a xmas tree for the house, they are super cheap about 200 pesos(20$) so we are all putting in 50 pesos. We had our zone conference with president, his ward back home sent us (missionaries) a bunch of donated ties, so president gave us a little booklet with pictures of every missionary in the mission and a tie, it was pretty nice. We all ate pizza in the conference.

Its funny you mention the holidays, reality hasn’t even hit me yet that I have been away from home 9 months and I won’t be home for Christmas, Lol. As for the Christmas call, I will definitely have more info about where and when next week so you will be informed. Well, I gotta run, we are heading out to buy our xmas tree! whooooo!!!!

Love benj

I have to run but I will now answer your questions...

1. Benj, Do you miss riding your dirt bike? Brrrp BBrrp (Chris Holmes)
--------Great question Chris, I do!! I sometimes find my self walking faster than my companion and cutting in front of him while making the sound Brrppp!! and he just laughs.

2. What do you miss most about being away from home, besides Sasha? (Clint Hicken)
--------Besides Sasha, I would say a Washer and a Dryer. I was explaining to my companion that a Clothes dryer is a miracle. You put your clothes in wet and wrinkled and they come out dry, wrinkless and they smell great. Washing and drying clothes here has been a real headace here, we have to do almost all our cleaning by hand. There are some places here where you can pay to have them wash and dry your clothes but it’s real expensive and of course we cant take our garments there.

3. Are there any tourist attractions in your new city? What kind of amusement and entertainment is there? (Ricky Salazar)
--------I still don’t know too much about downtown SLP, but I know they have a live Theatre where they act out Mexican history. There is a casino here, and some museums. SLP is actually really big, it’s comparable to Leon in size. Today we are heading downtown so I will try to snap some photos and find out what’s cool down here.

4. What's your favorite authentic Mexican dish/food so far? (Ricky Salazar)
--------My favorite thing to eat here I would say would be the good ol` carnitas tacos. I also really like some of the fish they make here, called Mojarra and they fry it but its different from what I remember in CA. Also they have a style of Quesadillas here called "Gringas" it is a quesadilla but with fruits, chillis and meat inside, they are really, really good.

5. Do your American companions and President Cox speak the language well?
--------As for American comps, some do and some don’t. I would say there are more Americans that speak bad Spanish than good. As for Pres. he speaks really well, he served his mission in Peru and he really has the language down. I have also heard the area 70`s speak Spanish (both of them are American) and they sound like they have been speaking Spanish their whole lives, they speak really well.

Thanks for the questions!

Editors Note: Please take the time to wish Benjamin a Merry Christmas on the comments page.


Anonymous said...

Hola Benj,

This has been a great week. My brother and his family were here from Sydney Australia visiting, we had a blast together but the time went by too fast. I had never met my sister in law before or my nephew and niece, they surprised us by showing up at the ward party I was soooo happy! I asked my 7 yr old niece Amy, what was your best part of the trip..Disneyland..Mickey Mouse etc.....she said "that was alright, but my favorite part was meeting my family" after getting the lump out of my throat I told her that was my favorite part too. What a cutie!

Then there was Nathan's surprise, it was great to see, I am not sure that Jens feet have touched the ground yet. They are a cute couple and look VERY happy together, it was a class act!

One of my others brothers in England asked me in an email how he could download the Song "I am a Child Of God", he also said he has lots to tell me. No big deal you may say, he is not a member and I am dying (maybe hes going to church!!!!) The time difference and our work schedules make it hard to connect.

Anyhoo....I am glad that you are enjoying your companion and area. Keep up the good work we love and miss you.


Cory said...

Hi Benjamin,
We are so excited to hear how well you are doing. One of our neighbors grew up in San Luis Potsi. She was so excited to hear about everything you are doing down there. Especially now that she lives here in Utah. Have a great week.
Cory, Sarah, Emma and Drew

Anonymous said...

Hola Benjamon,
I am happy to hear of your continued Success. I spoke with your Dad and he told me that you all are not even allowed to ride bicycles down there. You are going to be in such Great shape when you get home. For that reason, I think it is time I too get myself into shape. This way I will be able to whip you in Wii Bowling and Tennis just like before you left. (HAHA)
Kidding aside, keep up the good work. I miss you always and may God bless you.
Tony Crespo

Anonymous said...

Benjamin, Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Benj,

We just wanted to wish you a Feliz Navidad y un prospero ano nuevo. We are having the missionaries over for dinner on Christmas day and we will think of you. Christmas in the mission is different but fabuloso!

We love you.

Robert, Sue, Jake, Alyssa, Adam & Matthew Clarkorinos.

Anonymous said...


We will definitely be missing your smiling face and cheerful disposition. You are having an experience you will never forget and hopefully friends for life. Even still, we all wish you were home. Have a Blessed Christmas, love ya, Titi....

uncle Lawrence said...

Benjamon, we wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas from Austin Texas. Keep up the great work but stay safe doing it. Take care young man and we hope you enjoy the holidays..... Your friends in Austin, Lawrence, Kellie, Connor and Gran.

uncle Lawrence said...
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The Bowden Family said...

Merry Christmas Benjamin!

We sure hope you have the happiest of holidays! Keep up the good work!

Our Love to you,

Mark, Cindy, Nick, Greg & Bryce

Anonymous said...

Feliz Navidad, Elder S.
I've been really busy of late. I continue to sing with the barbershop chorus and we had our Cabaret shows last Friday night and Saturday afternoon & evening. Then, I've been conducting Tithing Settlements on Sundays and some week nights.
We enjoyed the annual stake music festival last Sunday night. It was well done. We have some outstanding musical talent in our stake.
This Sunday we will have our Christmas program during our sacrament meeting. It, too, should be moving and inspirational.
We love getting your reports and know you are doing the Lord's work
Bishop B

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Benj -

A very Merry Christmas to you - I am confident you will have a meaningful, unique, and memorable Christmas.

Jeff Trader

Anonymous said...

Hi Benj

Merry Christmas, I hope your mission is going well.

Jake Clark

Erica said...

feliz navidad elder salazar!!
hope it is an amazing holiday out in mexico. we will be thinking about you and praying for you out here!

nana crespo said...

p.s. my nana says merry christmas tambien!!

Anonymous said...

Elder Benj,
Merry Christmas to you! We have been thinking about you and hope that you enjoy your first Christmas out in the field.

We think you are the best Missionary in Mexico City!!! You can go ahead and tell all the other missionaries that you are. Ha ha

We are excited for Christmas this year. It will be fun to remember you on the Christmas Eve tape and send it to you.

We love you Elder Benj.

Leif, Shelly, Weston, Kenneth, Serena and Elise