Monday, November 3, 2008

Transfer to San Luis Potosi (SLP) and new Comp.

Hola mama y’ padre y' Familia,

I loved the pics of the Halloween party. That was a cool idea to hand every one the little sign, (Happy Halloween Benjamin) hahaha. I loved the pics of Kyle Brodowski and Grammy, and I even printed the pic of Leah and I’m going to post it up where we study. The party looks like it was a blast, that’s awesome. Our Halloween here was pretty cool, we bought some pizza and had
some fun in the house.

I have seen the blog, it looks great! I read all the comments but for some reason the blog always runs slow on the computers here in Mexico so I don’t post back, but I read them all!

I’ll tell you about San Luis Potosi (SLP) a little bit...

It turns out that I’m not with an American companion, I’m with a Mexican comp from Tijuana named Elder Lopez, he’s an awesome kid with 15 months in the mission. He’s a district leader so that means we are working hard here. My new area and comp are awesome. Except a block down the street is a big Pig/Cow slaughtering plant so it kinda smells, but it’s a very nice area. Also, my comp from the MTC, Elder Ditto is in my Zone! He’s had quite a tough time, he’s only baptized 1 person since we’ve been in Mexico and I think it’s due to crummy companions, but now he is with a very good one, so he is happy, and he’s doing very well. It was so great to see him again, he lives in my zone. He was so happy to see me. We live just outside of downtown SLP which is HUGE, I think it’s bigger than Leon but it’s awesome because there is a lot of stuff here. We have a Costco here. My comp has a Costco card so he can get me in, but he says with his plan I can buy a Costco card for 100 pesos (10 bucks) and it will still be good by the time I get home, so I am thinking of buying one.Our house here is pretty nice. Elder Lopez and I live with the Zone leaders which makes being in the house a lot of fun, we are all like brothers here, the zone leaders are both American. One is from Utah and the other from Florida. Poor elder Lopez has to put up with a lot of English in the house, but he actually can speak quite a bit. Our area is A LOT calmer, there aren’t as many cholos in my area which makes it nice. It’s actually kinda funny because there is alot of construction going on in my area, they are building new houses and stores, so there are parts of my area that look like Tustin/Irvine, everyone drives nice cars and the houses are all new. It’s kinda nice.

Well I’m gonna answer your questions now because we are headed to Carls Jr. for lunch. Whoo hoo! hahaha, well I hope you liked my pictures last week, I sure enjoyed the ones you sent from Halloween.

Thanks a lot mom for all you do! It helps so much to have a strong family to back me up. Well I gotta run! Things here are going good, I’m not drinking the water =D!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Salazar!!!

1. How was the trip to SLP? --------3.5 hours long but great.

2. What day did you travel? --------On Tuesday

3. Did you travel by bus? -------Yep

4. Did you get to spend any time in the mission home?
--------No, I arrived at the central of autobusses in the city of Leon about 10am, I saw President and Sister cox as well as a few other friends in the mission and at about 10:45 we took another bus to SLP.

5. How do you like your new companion, Elder Call?
--------I’m actually with Elder Lopez, he’s awesome!

6. Where's he from, what's he like?
---------He’s from Tijuana and he’s a really good guy, living in Tijuana he can cross over to the US whenever he wants, so he knows quite a bit of English and a lot about San Diego.

7. How's your new apartment?
--------Its a house with 4 of us living in it, its a little small but fun!

8. How does SLP compare to Irapauto?
--------I love it, there are parts of SLP even more dangerous than Irapuato but SLP is more beautiful and , its really green here. A LOT bigger. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Hola Elder,

I am so glad that you love your new area. It sounds like you will be working hard and making lots of memories and having fun all at the same time. I hope you keep a journal, you will be surprised how many times after your mission you will refelct on these mission memories. At the moment you may feel like you will never forget but sadly the mind dims so write write write!!

Anyhoo......we had a great time at Halloween as you can see the crazies all come out and I dont just mean Kyle and that lady in
the witches hat!!

By the time you read these posts we will have a new President of the US, I have followed it more this year than ever, maybe its time to take out my citizenship so I can give my 2 cents eh! (You know how much I like to give my 2 cents!!)

We love you and pray for you, you are a great example to our Young Men. Hasta luego, trabajar fuerte ensenar y bautizar mucho.

Con Carino

Sue Clark

Anonymous said...

Hello (Hola) Elder Benjamon,
I gled you made it to your new area and enjoy it. Sounds as if it looks more like home to you. I am happy that you like your new companion, this will make things easier and more fun for both of you. I am also glad you can get some fast food down there. By the way, are you learning how to make any authentic Mexican food? I am looking forward to your next blog. Take Care and Be Careful!!
Love You, Tony Crespo