Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Mom, Dad, and family,

That’s too bad to hear that Bro. Johansen passed away, he was always a really nice man, I will always remember him getting up and giving his testimony.

We went and climbed a pretty big hill today, it was super windy but a lot of fun! Everything has been good here, the weather has been really nice, but it’s starting to really cool down here.

Things here are going good, I’m gonna fill you in with all the news...

First off, our 6 week transfer ended and President is sending me to San Luis Potosi (SLP)which is a 6 hour bus ride from Irapuato. I first have to travel one hour from Irapuato to Leon, then 5 hours by bus from Leon to SLP. I’m really excited, I hear that SLP is very beautiful and very calm (as in there are no gangsters). My companion in SLP will be another American named Elder Call, he has only one transfer (6 weeks) more than me here in the mission but he doesn’t speak Spanish that well, so I think we are in for an adventure. I’m a little sad because I will be leaving my first area here and some people I have really come to know and love.

This past Saturday we had two baptisms, one was of the man that found us in the street and asked us to come by his house. His name is Jose Luis. We are really excited and proud for him. He has been sober from alcohol for almost two months and is a really good person. He is a father of 4 children and two great grandchildren, he is having some really hard financial trouble right now so we are helping him look for work. The other was a daughter of one of our converts, her name is Carla Itzel. She’s a really good girl, always smiling. The baptisms went really great, on time and everything! Our Zone actually will be ending this transfer with about 27 baptisms so we are excited because we broke the record!

Well I’m going to leave you with some pictures, some from the baptism, some from our p-day last week and today. I hope you enjoy the one of my new tactical shotgun =D and one of me scoring a goal!


El Elder Salazar


Soup said...


My name is Steve Clark, a friend of your Dad's (or reasonable facsimilie thereof... :-) )

I've been following your mission from the outset, and wanted to tell you I think you are doing good work.

The baptisms you had a hand in are examples, and give me an alternate point of view when it seems that most folks just could care less about anyone or anything other than themselves.

Good job!

I hope this finds you happy, health, and fulfilled.

And in case you don't know it (and I'm sure you do), your Dad is very proud of you. I can almost see him beam whenever he speaks of you.

All my best to you and your compadres

Steve Clark

clint said...

Ben, I cant figure which guy you are in the family picture. I am guessing you are the one in the yellow shirt with a black tie.
Where is Elder Call from?

taylor bourne said...

Gooooooooooooooooooolllllllllll!!!! Haha, when you get back i'll show you how to play soccer!

Nice reading some good news from you jammin, I'm gonna email you this week, so talk to you soon alright?

later man, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
Sounds like you guys aare doing a great job on your mission. I am very proud of you. I know that your next area will be just as fruitfull for you and your companion. You keep up the GOOD work. I enjoy reading about your adventures and your success. People respond to you because they see that you are a good person and have passion for the work God has called on you to do. I am happy that things are going well and that you are safe. You are getting quite tan there. You will catch up to me soon. Miss you and Love you !!!! Tony C.

Anonymous said...

PS Tony C. is me Tony Crespo