Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey mama y papa, y familia, y amigos,

We had a baptism yesterday of a lady named Luz (its pronounced like LOSE) and we have her daughter scheduled for next Saturday. We are teaching two families right now that look like they will be baptized very soon.

My comp is doing well, we are working hard. Sorry about not sending pics last week. I promise next week I will have some more, I tried uploading some today but the comp here keeps freezing, its hard to find a computer here that actually works well. There is always something wrong, a key broke, a mouse that doesn’t work, a usb port that doesn’t exist, but that’s when you realize that you’re in Mexico. Things here have been going really good, we had kind of a crazy experience the other night, my comp and I were walking home at about 9pm when we stopped to talk to a man who called our attention, we were in a part of town that is a little bit more dangerous than others, as my comp was talking to the man, I notice on the 4th floor of an apartment complex a gangster was whistling really loud, I looked around but I saw nobody. I was really staying aware of my surroundings because its very dangerous at night, when all of a sudden two police trucks drive by with people in the back, they shined the light at the apartment building apparently looking for someone but the gangster hid himself very quickly, the police sped off and as they turned the corner about 6-7 other gangsters came out from hiding and took off running! It turns out the police were looking for these people, they were hiding the whole time and we didn’t even know it! But we made it to our house safely.

I’m very happy being here, our living conditions here in San Luis Potosi (po – toe - see) are really nice, I live in a house with 3 other missionaries which makes it really fun. We are all pretty clean (except my companion!). You should see how they manage their trash here in SLP, every day a horse pulling a cart passes and that is basically the trash truck.

This Sunday they are going to Re-dedicate the Mexico City, Mexico temple so we are excited to be able to see the broadcast in our stake center.

Well I gotta run, we’re headed to Costco! Love ya, thanks for all the love and support! Tell all the family I love and miss them, especially Nate, Justin and Ricky and Sara.

Love Elder Salazar

1. How's your new ward, is it more active than your last ward?
---------Yeah, It’s a lot more active. My ward in Irapuato had a count of between 80-110 and my new ward has an assistance 110-150, its really cool. We have 4 missionaries in this ward.

2. Tell us about your new Bishop.
--------He’s pretty young, about 30 years old. I don’t know him too well but he seems to be pretty good and means well. He served a mission in Monterrey Mexico.

3. Is bike riding allowed in your new area?--------No, ever since that missionary fell in Irapuato, the whole mission hasn’t been authorized to have bikes. But I would LOVE to have a bike because our area is pretty big.

4. Do the zone leaders have a car?
--------No, the only missionaries that are authorized to use a car is the president and his wife, and the assistants to the president because they sometimes have to take missionaries to the airport and things like that.

5. Any baptisms coming up?
--------Yeah we have a few. We have 10 scheduled for next Saturday.

6. Last week you said Elder Ditto only had 1 baptism, why so few baptisms?
--------Its hard to say, he hasn’t had much luck and he’s still learning to work here. The Mexico, Leon Mission is a little tough because in Guanajuato the Catholic church is really really big, so the people here are really, really closed minded. It’s not impossible to baptize, but our mission isn’t like Tijuana or Mexico City, where they baptize a ton in those missions. I’m really blessed to be here because they only send the strongest missionaries here.


Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar;
Bishop B. here Keep up the good work. I will write soon.

william said...

Hi Elder S:
I haven't forgotten you. I couldn't remember my user name or password so the lousy computer wouldn't send my messages to you. I think I'm ok now. If not, you'll get my messages hidden as anonymous.
It's no joke to be old and almost computer illerate.
On Sunday the 9th was the annual Primary program, and the chapel was packed. We had to put some chairs in the Cultural Center (FKA Cultural Hall) to accomodate the crowd. Besides the usual parents who came to see their little angel perform, our Primary and the 11th Branch Primary (Korean) have been meeting together until the Stanford Bldg. renovation is completed so the Korean Branch members joined us. Too bad November isn't a "count" month.
I think I previously wrote that Scott Hicken is our new YM Pres. with Justin Stepanian and Roger Pimental as counsellors, Casey Huffmire, Secty. Rich Huffmire as Scoutmaster & Jason Jensen as an advisor.
It's been busy, busy for me as a "greenie" bishop but things will get smoother for me, I'm sure.
The Lord loves you for serving Him.

Bishop B.