Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow, those fires look extremely close! I bet its really affecting people in Southern California, I actually caught a glimpse of a few of the fires in LA County. I saw the pictures of the fires you sent, that’s incredible... I didn’t realize the severity. California really needs to come up a with a fire prevention/response program that actually works. Keep the windows closed!

This week went well. We had baptisms for 2 young girls scheduled, but both fell through so we were a little bummed about that. I have come to kind of a hard realization. Many people here promise us they will come to church and then they come up with an excuse to not come to church so it has been a little frustrating.

Are you already listening to Christmas music?? We are!! hahaha, my companion put on Christmas music the other day and I was explaining to him that my mom listens to Christmas music from the 15th of October to the 6th of January.

Everything is going well here, President comes to interview us next Saturday so I think he will have my packages!

Love ya mom!

El Missionero de la mejor mama!
Con amor, El Elder Salazar

1. How are the Zone leaders to live with. Tell us about them.
--------They are a lot of fun, they are obedient but really fun to be around. We are always playing jokes.

2. What do the Zone Leaders do during the day?
--------They work, They do the same things as all other missionaries, only they are responsible for a few extra things like re-imbursements, handling problems with other missionaries and doing baptism interviews.

3. Besides Costco, what other shopping stores are there in San Luis Potosi?
--------There is a ton here, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, just about everything =D

4. How strong is the YM/YW programs?
--------In this ward they are very strong, they are always having activities, which is awesome because it keeps the members happy and coming along with the young kids.

5. Do the Missionaries go on splits with the ward members?
--------Yeah, every now and then. Usually we go with the kids that are preparing to go on missions, but we haven’t gone on any lately.


Anonymous said...

Hi Benj,

I am so busy with a Bell PTA event we are having this week that I may go crazy!! I was over at your house today and your mum was helping me make some yummies for it. So...... it was nice to take a few minutes and read your blog, I love to hear what you are up to.

I worked with the latinos tambien, and we used to go early to their casas so they could not skip out on church (I have always been good at guilt lol!)

Its very frustrating when you know what you have to offer them, keep up the good work and stay strong. Los familias de oro son esparando, toca muchas puertas!

Luv Ya


william said...

Hi Elder S.
I guess it's good that we aren't rich enough to live in Montecito or Anaheim Hills or the fire susceptible places. Our little neighborhoods are far removed from the blazes, and our individual homes would only be in trouble if each one caught on fire.
Three or four years ago, though, a roof on a home west of us on San Andres caught fire when the neighbor next door threw his dry Christmas tree in his fireplace and the sparks from the chimney landed next door. Every year we are warned not to do that but...
I'm sure it's disappointing when investigators commit then back down. Sis. Clark is right, though, you just have to keep persisting and loving them.
Tomorrow we are holding a memorial service for Sister Piper. You probably don't remember her. She lived for many years on Santa Rosalia, then moved back to her birth state, Nebraska, then came back and lived in the Pink Palace on Katella. She had not been in good health for several years.
The YM are gearing up for the annual Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving morning. I will watch, NOT play.
I know your mother has sent you Thanksgiving goodies. Enjoy.

Bishop Bowring