Monday, October 6, 2008

Hola mama & pops, family, and friends,

I really enjoyed conference. At this point in my mission it was a big help to me. Especially the priesthood session. I really enjoyed Pres. Eyring’s talk, I felt like he was speaking directly to me because he has a type of spirit and a type of speech that reminded me of grampa Hicken, most of all though, he speaks by the spirit. I also enjoyed watching the choir because it reminded me of when Elder Ditto and I used to go sing in the MTC choir every Sunday. The same guy who was directing the choir in conference used to direct us in the MTC so it was fun seeing him on tv.

As for conference, all missionaries (and almost all members) went to the stake center. It was really fun because they had a separate room where myself, the other American missionaries and other’s could watch in english. There are a couple of BYU students here who are studying abroad for three months so I had fun talking to them, one of them served his mission in Long Beach so we had fun talking. I don’t know if I told you, but one of my friends (Elder Callen) from the MTC is serving here in the same ward as me. Everything here is going well, we are eating good and everything.

Thanks for always writing me and keeping the blog updated, it looks really good! I can’t believe the hits we’re getting.

Well I have to run. I hope all is going well at home, love and miss ya!

Love, Elder Salazar

1. Where did you watch conference? Does it get broadcast in english?

2. How many people are in your ward, Primary, YM/YW?
--------One of our assignments is to count attendance in sacrament meeting, and every week I count between 75 to 110 active members in church. But in our ward directory I would say we have about 200 members.

3. How many wards are in your Stake?
--------I believe there are 4 and one branch that participates with us

4. Are the people of Irapuato friendly to you?
--------Yes and no, people like to make stupid comments. It could be worse.

5. Was McDonalds there as good as at home, and was the menu the same?
--------Yeah I would say it was the same. The menu was the same, it’s just weird because when you see the menu everything is priced in pesos. I’m still used to seeing things in dollars, so a number 2 which is 2 cheeseburgers costs 58 pesos, ($5.18) but at first you think 58 dollars, wow! It was funny, because I’m pretty sure every Mexican Elder that ate McDonalds that day got sick and all the Americans did just fine, hahaha!


william said...

It is good to know you were able to watch the conference sessions. The speakers deliver such wonderful messages, so powerful and spiritual.
When is an In-And-Out Burgers franchise going to open in your area? Kidding. Bishop and Sister Robinson are on their way to Germany to serve in the Munich Mission. He is a big, big fan of I&O burgers and it killed him that the closest one to his home in Colorado was in Las Vegas. Ouch.
Bishop Bowring

sarahhicken said...

Elder Benjamin,
There will come a time when you too will get sick. After living out of the country, when I started eating McD's again I was so sick. Keep up the good work. You are doing such a good job. Go glad you got to hear conference. Certain peakers always answer the prayers in my heart.
Cory, Sarah, Emma and Drew

Taylor B said...

Haha, friend of mine just told me a funny story about BYU.. I'll get into that when I write you next, lol.

Don't kid yourself man, you can't sing! Haha, just messing. Talk to you soon bro

Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoyed the conference some much. It is really nice to hear from you every week and to see the pics. I am sorry to hear of your run in the week before, but I hope all is well now. It was also great to hear of your pray and how the heavenly father answered your pray that same day. He is so amazing. Keep up your spirits.