Monday, September 15, 2008

Hola familia,

Our transfer ended this week, Elder Velez will be leaving. I will be in Irapuato another 6 weeks, ayecaraye! Tanto tiempo que no? I receive my new companion tomorrow. Things here are going good though, we are having quite a hard time finding people who are prepared to hear the gospel. We teach alot of lessons but people wont keep their commitments and come to church. But President taught me that "Its not the area, its not the people and its not the message...its the messenger." So I'm trying to find better ways to serve the people here, to understand what they need and are looking for specifically in their lives. Well I'm sorry I have been lacking on the photos and messages. But I promise more next week, today is our last day of the transfer and we are going to McDonalds to celebrate, whoo!! Love Elder Salazar


Bishop Trader said...

Hi Elder Salazar,

Glad to hear things are going so well. A new comp - I hope he is great, then again, don't wait for the right comp, be the right comp.

We had a baptism yesterday - a friend of Leah and Faith - Natalie Martin. She is very talented and just a good person.

We still have everything in boxes and can not find anything. Justin and Ricky have been great - they put up fans, upgraded our electrical and corrected some fire hazard problems. I am really excited about getting the tv mounted on the wall - Justin will do that too.

I think about you often and know you are in the right place. I am so glad you are making good use of your time. Time is the only thing given to us all equally. I find it interesting that the only thing we can give to Father in Heaven that he has not already given us is our own will. I talked to the YM about that last Sunday - we had a candid conversation about how we don't always want to what is right and how we work thru that.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Un Companero nuevo!! Woo hoo! I hope you get along great. What will be cool is that you will be the one to show him around your area and take charge a little bit by being a great team and by being on time to all of your appointments! I am sure there are people in Irapuato (sp?) just waiting for your message. The Latin people are wonderful they just have a hard time committing and I know it can make you crazy when you know how their lives can be blessed by having the gospel in it.

We wish you well and talk about you often. The kids are back in school and I am back being a taxi driver (I wish I got paid for it, I'd be a rich chica!!)

Take care we luv you,

Sue Clark

Taylor Bourne said...

Haha, McDonalds to celebrate eh? Get a classic Chicken sandwich... THE CRISPY ONES. They're delicious. :]

Good luck with the new companion benjamin, hope he is the companion of your dreams. Just because people don't keep their comitment now.. doesn't mean they wont realize later what you and others have taught them. Maybe it will turn out to mean something to them.

Talk to you in a week or so

The Hickens said...

Hey Elder Salazar!!! We found your blog! How exciting it is to see what you have been up to. We will get your address from your mom and send you a real letter!
Brooke & Brad Hicken

Anonymous said...

Hello Ben,

I am glad to hear things are going good for you. I hope you are liking your new companion. Your blog is really neat. I am glad I finally logged on. I am going to teach Matthew how to log on when he comes home today. The pictures are great. We are praying for you all the time. We miss you very much. Love Lori

Tony C. said...

Hello Elder Benjamon,
This is my first time on your blog. It's GREAT!! Love reading about your life and expierences down there in Mexico. Keep up the good work. You are doing a fine job. I wish you must SUCCESS in your Mission work. Cant wait till you get home and we can go to La Casa Brito for some "real" Mexican food. Tony C.

Ricky and Sara said...

Hey Ben, your comments are strong and mature. It is refreshing to hear sombody in your situation be so positive. It is cool to watch your growth since March.
Love you,
PS Sara reads your blog each Monday and says, "stay strong!!!"