Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Mom and Dad,

Enjoyed the pics! The other night my comp and I were heading home, we were passing through the field we always go through when I heard some really quiet "meows", I hopped over some barbed wire and found a bag of 3 baby kittens, someone had abandoned them. We took them back to the house and tried to feed them a little milk but they were so new their eyes weren’t open and they didn’t know how to drink, so we wrapped them in a t-shirt and left them in the field. The next morning one had died but two were still alive, that night all three were gone, so who knows... Actually as we were on our way here to the internet cafe we found two little puppys in the field so my companion and I are debating on bringing one to the house. But yeah things are good here, the weather has been really nice. All the kids here are back in school. School here has two sessions, morning and afternoon so it seems like there are always kids in street. Mom, there are a ton of rats here, also there are a ton of Scorpions =/! there is a family in the other ward in our building from California, they are the only white people! The husband is here working for a little while, his wife is president of primary and they have two little kids, I have yet to talk to them. But Imagine being primary president of children who speak another language! My shoes are holding up, they are slowly wearing away but they are doing good, they are waterproof and very comfortable. If I need shoes I can buy them here, Leon is famous for making and exporting shoes. My comp bought some really, really nice new shoes for 500 pesos, only 50 bucks! Before I come home I’m gonna buy a ton of shoes.

Well I gotta run, thanks for the Email, I look forward to next week. Love ya!

1. Do people hassle you because you are missionaries?

A. No, most people are just curious and ask us questions, mainly why we’re called "Elder" and why we don’t worship the Virgin Mary.

2. How do the gangsters on the street treat you guys?

A. They make stupid remarks all the time, it drives us nuts. There are a ton of young kids who think they are gangsters and they like to say stuff or try to talk in English. Sometimes they say cuss words in english but even they don’t understand them. We are really familiar with where the cholos hang out so we stay away from their areas.

3. Who was the tall Elder in the picture taken in Abasolo?

A. The tall Elder is Elder Trejo, he’s from Chiuahua Mexico. He has about 3 months in the mission. In our ward there are 4 Elders, Elder Velez, myself, Elder Garcia and Elder Trejo. All four of us are working in Abasolo 2 days a week so we have been working a lot together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Benjamin,

I love reading about your adventures in Mexico. I can see the difference in you through your pictures, you are growing up. Your parents and Tony and Lori are always together, which is good for the Crespo's. I saw Erica this weekend, she is back in school and I hear your mom is trying to fatten her up while you are gone. Ha, ha...
Keep up the good work, I pray God keeps you safe.
Love ya, Titi.

clint hicken said...

Que Quietes way,
You are having memorable days. I too often forget all those wonderful experiences. We are fighting with prop. 8. They are trying to overturn the traditional law against marriage. Now they want marriage for man to man or woman to woman legalized. I have been door knocking for the church in my community and nobody cares. They dont want to descriminate against those that want to be gay and get married. The second coming will be here before we know it. Spread the gospel and find those that are less active. I was very successful with less converts. Many were lost and I helped them be found. I went 20 months before I had a baptism. I love having less active families to home teach.
I have even baptized a part member family when I first got married. And witnessed them going through the temple to be married.

Ryder now includes you in his prayers every night. Usually we have to whisper your name. Now he takes care of blessing you, and also Jesus and the prophet. I guess Jesus could use some blessings too.....hmmm. But we cannot bless the prophet when we pray over our lunch because saying the prayer for the prophet is only at night night time. Dont forget page 25 in the white bible 1st sentence. -Clint

todd & nat said...
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todd & nat said...

hola bejamin,
Hay un manajer en Pajaro Rojo con familia en Ciudad de Mexico en Colonia de Cuatemo.

i will find out the last name. his is lasses. but another last name from the other side of the family starts with an A. they live about 3 streets away from El Oro de Angel or something. its a statue in the center of the city...?