Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey dad,

The computers here are going reeeallly slow. Im sorry, I promised pics this week but the comps here aren’t working and we have to take off. But I promise next week...Also if you could let grandma and grandpa Salazar know I got their card this week, I will write them next week for sure. Also, please tell mom to tell grammy and grandpa Hicken that I will be writing them next week also. Tell all the family I said Hello and that I love them... thanks dad. Love Elder Salazar

Hey Dad, This Email is for you and mom....

We had changes this week, Elder Velez took off to another city, kind of like Irapuato, called Cortazar which isn’t to far. I received Elder Raya, who is from Mexicali. He transfered from Aguascalientes. He has a year in the mission field but doesn’t act or work like it. This week has been kinda rough. He is senior comp, but he doesn’t like to work which has been kinda tough for me since I have promised myself to be as obedient as I can and always work. So I have been a little down this week learning to work with someone different. Yesterday (Sunday) we had interviews with the president and he told me some things that have really helped me out, so I’m trying to love and serve him the best I can, and I am moving forward!!

As for success right now, we are knocking a lot of doors. We challenged 5 people to baptism. 2 of those that we are teaching are very young and have one child. Their names are Jose and Maria. Jose is 17 and Maria is 19, they already have a one year old son and another baby on the way, we are trying to help them out with everything, they have close to nothing.

Last Monday I bought new shoes, they are really nice, I like them better than my Rockports. They were 500 pesos(50 bucks!). They are called Flexi´s, I have a friend here in my zone and he has had his Flexi´s for over a year and they are still in good condition, so I am happy. My other shoes developed a hole on the bottom and every time I step in water or it rains my foot gets soaked, so I decided to buy new ones. Well I will answer the other questions now, that I haven’t already answered.

Love ya, thanks for everything!

4. Is there anybody in your ward that speaks English, do you miss it?
........Yes, 2 people. I don’t miss English too much, although I have a new elder in my area that is American and we speak in English, it has been really weird! I have forgotten a few words, like translate. Sometimes when I speak in English I say words in Spanish, its been really weird... Also there are a lot of kids in my ward that are studying English so they ask me questions and I always try to help them learn and understand.

5. Is there any food from back home that you especially miss?
........Not really because we almost always ate mexican food at home! Although I was thinking of a 9 inch Togos roast beef the other day, with mayo, pepperchini, pickles, lettuce, and I was getting all worked up thinking about it...

6. Do you ever get homesick?
........Nope, sometimes I take a look at my photo books and it brings back good memories. Also reading emails every Monday helps me out a lot.

1. How's your new companion? How long has he been out?
2. Where's he from. Does he speak English?
3. Any baptisms coming up.
4. Is there anybody in your ward that speaks English, do you miss it?
5. Is there any food from back home that you especially miss?
6. Do you ever get homesick?


Matt Crespo said...

Dear Elder Salazar,
My mom finaly taught me how to write you! I heard your partner got moved to another city. Well on September 4, I started 7th grade at Bell!!! I love it so much its alot of fun! My mom and dad take me and my friend miranda because she next door and her mom went to Australlia for 3 weeks, and she always has A LOT of homework and i laugh because I don't!! Well I got to go and hit the books so write ya later. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! SEE YA HOMEDOG!!!

Jan said...

Hi there Elder!
We miss you at GG 6th Ward. We're watching after your folks tho. I found out that my step-daughter, Caitlin Johansen, has a friend on a Mexico mission. Don't remember which one, but his first name is Andrew and he's from if you meet an Andrew from Idaho, I'll be it's him. I love your blog and getting to see the pictures! Keep up the great work! We love you! From Jan Johansen

matt crespo said...

Dear Elder Salazar,
Yesterday your mom came to our house to bring my mom chololate and peanuts so she could make her candy. And everyone was gone, but me and erica were still here so your mom and I started talking about how the dogs were when the were younger and used my bedroom as a bathroom!!! It was so funny!
I' ve been practicing my skills on the WII! Now when you get back i'm going to wope your but at bowling. !!!BRING IT ON!!! write ya later SEE YA HOMEDOG!!

Anonymous said...

hi benj!! sounds like your having a great time on your mission! im so proud of you. keep up the good work. my prayers are with you. much love- your favorite cousin :) Leah