Monday, September 1, 2008

Hola familial y’ amigos!

First off thank you for all the love and support., and know that I’m thinking of you all. This week went well. This past Friday we went to a little town called Abasolo, it’s about a 30 minute bus ride out of our usual area. It’s really beautiful, we are trying to establish a branch there because there are quite a few members but none of them have cars so it makes it difficult for them to travel all the way into town to attend sacrament. So we are trying to bring the church to them, we will we be working in Abasolo (if our schedule permits) 2 days a week, Wednesday and Saturday. We went this past Friday and visited some of the members, we also visited a very very sick gentleman named Francisco, he was very loving and kind. Francisco has been bedridden for over twenty years and is still trying to figure out why heavenly father has dealt him this type of card, so we are going to try to visit him along with a member who takes really good care of him.

I had my first dog attack this Sunday...We were walking through our neighborhood on our way to church in the morning. We passed an older lady and her black lab, the dog saw us and didn’t bark, didn’t growl, nothing. As we kept walking all of a sudden something hit my legs from behind, it was the dog! He tried to bite me but couldn’t get a good bite, I took out my pepper spray and sprayed him, but he backed up out of range, I then threatened him with a large rock but he persisted!! I Lunged at him and scared him, he ran back to his home. What made me mad is that he attacked me for nothing, even worse; the old lady said nothing the WHOLE time!!! We are trying to work hard here, the members are strong but we know they can be stronger. We are working to help them get a temple here in Leon, I hope all is well at home. Remember to always include the less fortunate in your prayers, there are a lot. ------Love Elder Salazar

Hey mom,

The field in Irapuato is kinda tough right now but we are starting to open up a new area called Abasolo. It’s a tiny little town, you can think of it like Bishop. Mom, let me know who wins the election. Sounds like everything is good in The OC and with the family. Everything here is going good, And I got your package, thank you!!! I really really loved it, all the missionaries were jealous. ------Love Elderito Salazar

Hola padre,

Todo esta muy bien, aunque nosotros habiamos bañando en agua frio!! Ayecaraye!! (Translation; Everything is good, although we are bathing in cold water”)

I got your package this past Thursday, thanks a lot! I love everything inside.

I will answer your questions ahora.
---- Love ya!

1. Are there homeless and beggars in Irapuato?
1A. Yes there are a ton, but they are a lot more friendly than the gangsters we deal with on a daily basis. The other night we were walking home and there was a drunk in the street as we passed him he said to us "You guys didn’t leave in the Airplane either??" My compañion didnt say anything but I responded to him "No we couldnt make it!" as we kept walking he said "well its alright, lets go in taxi, I´ll pay!" we were laughing all the way home. It was really funny. That same day in the afternoon we saw a drunk sleeping on the sidewalk, we came back a few hours later and he was juggling a piece of fruit and trash in the street and asking cars stopped at a red light for money. My comp and I were laughing really hard because juggling two things is easy!

2. What are the grocery stores like?
2B. There are a ton of little liquor stores that carry just about everything we need, but when we receive our monthly allowance of 1000 pesos, we go to the supermarket which is basically a WalMart. We actually were teaching the manager who is about Nathans age but he can’t come to church. Try looking up the supermarket its called "The Soriana". There is one here in Irapuato directly in front of the Church.

3. Are there any cats where you are?
3c. Yes, but very few.

4. Is there any open country/desert/mountains nearby?
4d. Yeah, there are some hills but they aren’t anything special.

5. Do you and Elder Velez play soccer with kids or each other?
5e. With kids in the street, no. But we have been trying to strengthen the relationship between our recent converts and members, and also attract less active members to come to church by having soccer night in the Church building every Friday.

6. Do you ever get to see Elder Ditto, or the other missionaries you came out with?
6f. No I haven’t seen them, but Sis.Cox tells me they are all doing good. Elder Ditto is doing well. I heard that Elder Callen who came with me has lost 20 pounds!


schicken said...

Dear Benj, First of all.... Major kudos to your Pops for making an awesome Blog site. Our family enjoys reading your posts for Family Night (Rick maybe you have found a new career in life!). Benj we are proud of you, miss you, and pray for you always. Continue to be faithful and work as though you have only a couple of months left. As for the dog attack, it seems at though you never forget those experiences. On my mission we were chased by a dog with three legs every night back to our apartment. Remember you just have to be faster runner than your companion!!

Take care brudda,

Love Scott

Kristin said...

I agree, Rick is The Blogmaster --way to keep us updated!!

That sucks about your attack. I got bit in the butt by a Rottweiler once, but I didn't need stitches...good times!