Monday, May 18, 2009

241 Baptism's, water pipe repaired. 3685

Hey mom, Hey pops,

good to hear from ya. Things are shakin’ back home?? I bet Sasha was freaked!! That’s really sad to hear about Sis. Byers. What a tragedy and terrible thing to happen to her. This last week we were visiting a recent convert here in Cardenas who happens to be epileptic. We were talking when all of a sudden he started having one of his attacks, and he began vomiting and shouting. It was very sad also. I guess we can all just trust in the lord and his resurrection, that one day these types of tragedies won’t exist.
First off I still haven’t gotten the medication, but I will today!! Right after we go eat... The reason I haven’t gotten it is because we have soo much to do, we are 100% work here, there is 0 time to relax or take it easy. Even this month we haven’t had p-days, that’s why I have to write so early, because we only have till 11am as our p-day. Things are basically back to normal here in Cardenas , the water situation is over and today the kids are going back to school. Although, all kids must wear doctor masks, and must bring their own hand sanitizer. Also, all teachers have to wear doctor masks.

Things here are well in the mission. If I heard right, we baptized 91 people this weekend so that brings us up to around 240 in the month of may, leaving us with 2 weeks to baptize 60 people. President told us that if we baptized 90 people last weekend he was already going to call Elder Bednar! This week Elder Krebs and I baptized 3 people, the baptisms went well. We need just 1 more to baptize our goal of 4! But we had kind of a hard week. We had over 15 people who were going to get baptized, all but 3 backed out at the last minute. It’s hard going from 18 scheduled baptisms to 3, but that’s how the lord works sometimes.

Sorry to hear about your truck, at least now you have a good reason to buy a new one! There is a Ford F150 in the exact same style as yours here in Cardenas , same color and everything. Sometimes I think it’s you coming to give us a ride somewhere.

Anyways, things here are well in Cardenas . This is our last week of the change. So by the next time I write you I could be heading off to a new area, today I fulfill 4 months here in Cardenas so I wouldn’t be surprised if president changes me. As for the packages, I haven’t seen President Cox in over a month but last night I was talking to Elder Verdeja who works in the offices and he told me that I have quite a few packages, he asked me if he could open them to make sure if all the candy was ok and wasn’t damaged, I told him NO! Other than that, I am excited for Nathans wedding. I hope all goes well. Erica will be there for me in my place, I will be there in spirit. I will answer your questions.

Love ya mom, all is well here in Cardenas !

Elder Salazar

1. I know you are there on Mission , but do you get time to do your own thing, such as go sight seeing or anything like that? Question submitted by Tony Crespo.
------Yes, at times. Usually when we are not in a sacrifice month, our p-days start Monday morning till 5 in the afternoon, and during that time is when we head downtown to check things out. But here in Cardenas there isn’t much to see, a dog, a few cows, things like that.

2. How's Elder Krebs Spanish coming along, and do you speak English to him?
------He is still struggling but is making progress. I do speak English to him sometimes but the majority of the time I speak Spanish to him.

3. Do any of the people that live in Cardenas speak English?
------Actually there are a lot of people who speak English. Cardenas happens to be one of the major stops people make before trying their luck at crossing the border. Also when people get deported from the US a lot of them come here. So there happens to be quite a few people who speak English. It's the weirdest thing, basically 90% of the people here who have family and/or go to the US on a regular basis always go to Oklahoma .

4. What kind of food do you get at your "own little Fantastic Burger" there in Cardenas ?
------I usually get 1 of two things. First, these type of tacos called "Gringas". They are flower tortillas with carne asada, cheese, lettuce, tomato,avocado and sour cream. They are delicious. Or I get what’s called a "Torta de lomo". It’s basically a sandwich, that comes with a shredded beef, lettuce, sour cream, and avocado. They both cost 15 pesos, or about $1.50. But they are really good

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Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:
Last night I went with other bishops, stake presidents etc. etc. to a YSA kickoff meeting. Also in attendance were hundred of young persons, many returned missionaries and female types.

For the next 12 weeks all the YSA in California are going to be "missionaries" locating less -actives and bringing non-members to church.

At the end of the period, August 8th and 9th, all those registered will meet near the nearest temple for two days of meetings, fun stuff and dancing.

It will be interesting to see how many "converts" are garnered from this gleaning.

God bless wherever your new assignment takes you.

Bishop Bowring