Monday, May 11, 2009

Swine Flu, Mothers Day 3599

Hey Dad,

It was really nice hearing from you guys yesterday. I know you guys had a little bit of trouble getting through. But I know you always pull through and are able to make it happen. Your voices never change but everyone keeps telling me that my voice has changed. Lol, that’s pretty funny.

Things here in Cardenas are ok. There have been 3 cases of the swine flu here, so we are all being careful, but slowly things are going back to normal. The water is slowly being restored, and we are allowed to wear ties again, but they have cancelled school here in Cardenas for another week.

I took pictures of our house, and kitchen, and the hardware store we live above, like you asked. As for the package, I can’t really think of anything else I need. Whatever you guys feel like sending, just send it. I use everything.

My foot still hurts, but I plan on going back to the pharmacy and buying the medication she offered me. I think that Mexico is pretty good with medication, they sell a lot of medication for really cheap.

Anyways, I am out of time and this computer is really slow. Right now Elder Krebs and I are going to go to our usual Monday brunch. We have our own little "Fantastic Burger", it’s awesome. Afterwards we have a service project at a members house. We are going to clean up his back yard in preparation for the baptisms next Sunday. I will take some pics. Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Salazar

1. How do people celebrate Mothers day in Mexico. A man was telling me, it's celebrated on a different day than in the US.
------No, they celebrate it here on the 10th of May too. Not too much different from the US. Although I was asking a lot of female members here what their children were going to give them for mothers day and everyone looked at me weird. Apparently it’s not too common to give gifts to your mom on mothers day. Although we did see a lot of mariachis playing and some people were bbq'ing.

2. Were there big Cinco De Mayo parties, or celebrations this past week?
------Not really, just mothers day, but nothing too crazy. Although, on July 6th Cardenas will be having its town elections. And right now all the candidates are driving around blasting their announcements, and giving out bags, stickers, etc.

3. This past weekend the mission baptized another 78. So right now we are at 156 with 3 weekends left to baptize! If we keep baptizing 78 till the end of the month we will have 300 and Elder Bednar will come visit and interview us.
The mission is asking that all companionships baptize 4, Elder Krebs and I should have our 4 this weekend, pray for us!


Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

You need a T-shirt that says, "I survived the Swine Flu Epidemic of 2009."

We sent a package of candy some time ago before the swine flu; hope it makes it to you and hasn't been derailed due to the flu.

I'll be praying you reach your goal. Meeting with E. Bednar would be a high light of your mission. I had dinner with E Bruce R. McConkie on my mission and was scared out of my mind - there was no light dinner discussion about the weather - he was all business.

Take care and be safe.

Jeff Trader

Anonymous said...

Elder Salazar:
I agree with Bishop Trader; baptizing four new converts would be wonderful because of the baptisms. Having Elder Bednar interview you would be a plus, plus.
Bryce Shearer has received his call to serve in the Colorado, Denver mission
Get that foot better. It must be difficult tracting with a sore pedes.
Bishop Bowring

Anonymous said...

Hola Benjamon, Sorry to hear about your aching foot. I hope the medicine works for you. Great news about the family you hope to Babtise. It's amazing how we here in the states take everyday life and conviences so lightly. I dont think our city would like having to fetch our daily water from a well and hauling it up to the house. Thank goodness for the local stores and bottled water. But, Lori recently purchase these HUGE water storage barrells. Like your Mom and Dad have. Once we fill them, we will have enough stored water in the garage for the entire city. (Just kidding, but they are HUGE)So, I tease Lori and your Mom about them. C-ya Tony C.