Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hola familia Y Amigos!

How's everything going?? I hope all had a really good fast sunday. This week went pretty well for us, our zone baptized and we baptized as well. I have to run because right now I am with my zone leader. I have included a photo of our baptisms and a wonderful dish called baptism by fire, it's bistec with lots of chile! gotta run!!

Hola Madre y Padre,

How is everything going? How was your fast sunday? Mine was pretty good, I went on splits with a member of our ward and it went pretty well, I felt pretty good because I was speaking spanish the whole time, I understood everything and I navigated our area perfectly as we sought out inactive members so I have been feeling pretty good. Our transfer ended yesterday and I will be here in Irapuato for another 6 weeks with Elder Velez, so not much has changed. We Baptized this weekend which was very nice. We baptized a family and a really nice kid named Jorge. It went pretty well. It felt really good walking home knowing that the fruits of all the work with these 5 people is showing. Not much happened this week, our zone is changing because of the transfers and one of our zone leaders is going to Leon because he is going home, so last night his companion (the other zone leader) stayed the night at our apartment. It was pretty fun. We live in a little triplex apartment kinda thing, my companion and I live above a member, and behind another member family. The member family is really, really nice, the past three weeks they have been buying us pizza and we all watch movies of the church in their condo. They really love us, they have two sons both about 12 years old and every Sunday they ask us what movie we are going to watch, it's pretty cool. Well everything is good right now, we recieved our 1000 pesos for the month and I bought tons of cereal, eggs, etc. =D. Well, I gotta run, thanks for all the love and support.


Elder Salazar!


the mom said...

I'm NOT cooking that when you come home!!!!!!!

Padre muy bueno said...


That chili looks violently hot. If you eat that stuff it will probably put hair on your chest.


jtrad said...

Elder Salazar,

You would not believe how many people we had in YM last Sunday - we filled a huge semi circle that spanned almost the entire gym floor. Danny Huffmire, David Huffmire, and Blake Crosby were there. I shared your experiences from your blog and told them how hard you are working. You could have heard a pin drop while I told them of your experiences. Thank you for being such a good example to them. To them, our YM, work is not sexy, its not glamorous, it is uncomfortable and so for them to see how hard you are working and the resulting blessing you are to those the Lord places in front of you teaches them they can do it!

Seth completed his eagle project; he put up 450 back pack racks at Barker Elementary. We are grateful for all of those who helped him, including your Dad and Mom. The day before, he had surgery on his ear. A growth had to be removed - 2 hours of surgery. Yuk!!

We are moving. We somehow purchased a home after living in the same house for 18 years. It has more room which we desparately need.

I am happy your Mission President is being so good to you. You will learn alot from him. Consider taking the opportunity to ask him for feedback on how you are doing and what you can do to improve and then be open to his suggestions.


Nathan said...


La comida tiene buen aspecto! comer hasta usted busca flaca como yo. Lola y Jackson están aprendiendo español. anoche se comió toda una rueda de queso y yo didnt incluso obtener loco. Haha "Hombre Ancla"

The food looks good! eat up you look skinny like me. Lola and jackson are learning spanish too. last night they ate a whole wheel of cheese and I didnt even get mad. Haha "Anchor Man"

Chris Holmes said...

Benjamin, This is my first comment to your blog. Your father included me in your family e-mailings which I feel honored. I wanted to read all your posts before commenting, which I did this morning. It was like reading a book, I actually was there with you for a moment. Do you remember what I told you at your eagle scout court??? "I am living this through you" Well it appears I will be doing it again with your mission, so keep up the novel for I,m reading. It sounds like this is definitely going to change your life. Anyhow I enjoyed reading about your day to day tasks and will keep reading. Be safe and enjoy every minute.

Chris Holmes

Anonymous said...

Hola Elder Salazar,

Sounds like you have been working hard.

We have family here from England and it has been a lot of fun showing them around. We went to Hollywood the other night and outside of the Kodak Theater there were some Mexican hot dog stands. Luke, one of my Brits thought it would be funny to eat a whole jalapeno. Well it was certainly entertaining, I thought he was gonna die, his eyes nearly popped out of his head, talk about crying a river!! We call him fuego man now.

Glad to know you are doing great, continuar con los bautismos y trabajar mucho.


La Hermana Sue

Ricky said...

Hola Ben! You look good and appear to be disguising in well with the locals.

Eat some "COW TONGUE" for me!

Su hermano más viejo,