Monday, July 28, 2008

Ohla familia y amigos!

¿Como estan? Pues, aqui es mi reporto para esta semana...nada mucho paso, pero establecemos cuatro bautizmos por este fin de semana. (How are you? Here is my report for the week. Not much is going on right now, but we have four baptism's scheduled for next weekend.) So we're excited! Expect a larger report next monday. I dont have much to talk about right now, but thanks for all the comments! Heres a picture of my little buddy that hangs out on our steps, and a picture of yours truly!

Ohla madre!

Sounds like the pioneer fair was pretty fun, its cool to hear whats going on with the ward and stake. Be sure to send Jared and James my bienvenidos, its pronounced "bee en ben eedose". As for my pants, I'm just going to wash them regularly, we hang dry all of our clothes/garments so I'm sure they'll be OK. Don't worry about sending me pants, Maybe this week or next my comp and I will go to Walmart and I can buy a pair of dickies or slacks, everything is super cheap here so I can do it when I need them. I haven't gotten your July 3 letter yet, I'm sure it has arrived at the mission office here. We had a big meeting with president the other night but he didn't bring letters. I have already received dads package and I have already eaten everything, including the box. Well I gotta run, but yeah i'm loving the blog too! its cool to read all the comments even though I cant reply to all of them I really enjoy them.
Love ya!
El misionero de los mejores padres!
Elder Salazar

Ohla padre,

ya recibi so correo electronico, thanks! As for the blog everything looks good, thanks for updating it for me it saves lots of time, I really enjoy reading the comments. As for clothes, everything is fine. My suits are clean, I only have to wash a couple pairs of slacks but they aren't even that bad. You should see some of the clothes of the missionaries in my zone, it looks like they have been through 2 missions. Also, we have lots of places to buy clothes here, there is a walmart and other stores to buy stuff. Also, almost everyday Irapuato has basically a swapmeet(called Tiangis) where they close a street down and the people sell all types of stuff. I Bought a cheapie watch the other day for 60 pesos which is 6 american dollars, it's not too bad, although I miss my G-shock, this one will do for now. Well I gotta run!

Love ,
Elder Salazar


jtrad said...

Elder Salazar,

The pictures are great! The sky is so blue and the land green. We had our pioneer fair - your Grandpa wore a hat with fake hair that made him look like a Mick Jagger with gray spiked hair. I am glad the Church celebrates the Pioneers. The values of the Pioneers, self reliance, perservance, and just plain determination and devotion to their God is refreshing compared to the values of many today who are so into themselves and feel entitled. I can't help but to think you are learning many of those same Pioneer values on your mission - making it happen against all of the odds. Your leadership to your companion, bishops, and those you teach is critical. As you work hard, are genuine in your dealings, and uplifting (fun) to be around, the people will follow you, Ben. I am confident that as they follow you, they'll find the Savior.


sarahhicken said...

It sounds like you are having so many amazing experiences. So glad we get to hear about them. Drew and Emma are proud of their missionary cousin. They love to tell people they have a missionary. Especially when the missionaries came to church last Sunday. Keep up the awesome work.

todd & nat said...

hey benj...
its natalie! im on this site too! glad to see some pix. sounds and looks like you are doing great. todd and i got a cat. we name her bella and we are pretty sure she is a girl. we are doing good. we just moved to cypress!

todd says: ?como le ideo? ?que es lo que estan pasando en mexico? ?algunas guerras? para practicar su espanol respondenos en espanol.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!! Ryder prays for Elder "Bendamin" every night. -Clint

uncle Lawrence said...

What an awesome famliy the Salazar's must be. This young man has all the things in life one needs to be a person to heal, teach, listen, unederstand and solve... He is a leader in a place that currently needs him and he has excepted the challenge with no remorse...... I can't tell you how proud I am of him and he's not my son..... Thank you Rick and Suzette for what you've brought to this world.... We need more like this one.... LS