Monday, December 14, 2009

Arbide & Loma Bonita. Baptism. Maxfield & Callen. 6050 blog hits

President Cox with Elders Callen, Maxfield & Salazar
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Hey mom, and dad,

Thanks for your email! I am really short on time because this is the last week of the changes and we have to take an elder home a week early because he lives in Argentina. We just had breakfast at Presidents house. Sis Cox made scrambled eggs and we had OJ and ham left over from last night. It was great. As for eating dinner with Pres and Sis Cox on Sunday nights, it’s a lot of fun. At 6pm we (assistants) have a meeting with president and we go over the weeks numbers, baptisms, problems etc. We discuss the mission and the elders. Then at 7 we have dinner with Pres. And Sister Cox. The ambiance is really great. President really opens up and we all talk about the mission, life back home, movies etc etc. We eat well and have a lot of fun. Right after dinner is over we go back to business.

As an assistant I make about 500 phone calls a week because we are constantly calling the zone leaders and making sure everyone is working and baptizing. Right now I am still in the same zone (West Leon) and I go to the same building, until this next Monday (when we receive new zone leaders). So for now I am still going to Arbide and the other ward called Loma Bonita.
This last week went ok, we baptized a girl named Lucy. Her mom and the rest of her family were baptized last week, now we are working on baptizing the dad.
Sorry to hear about Justin, I hope he gets better soon and hasn’t done anymore damage.
I still don’t know anything about the phone call but I am pretty sure that president will let me call Christmas Eve. I will let you know as soon as I know. All is well here; I am still waiting for my package and license to get here.

Anyways, I gotta run but thanks for everything!

Love ya!!!




Taylor Bourne said...

Stay busy man! Keep them baptisms comin! haha, check your email this week!

dbanagas said...

Hola Elder Salazar !!
Wow, I walk away for a few weeks from your blog and I see I'm missing some amazing times for you. All these baptisms and now you are an are on the move:)
I agree with Bishop Trader and Bowring, the Lord has indeed called you for your new responsibilities...and growth. Have you pondered in quiet times the person you have become and will become? Did you know that some colleges are complaining about the BYU football team because they go on a mission!!
They say it's not fair. They say the return missionaries come back better to handle responsibilities, are more accountable, are more serious about their lives, and the list goes on and on. Can you believe it? The answer to their complaints is to have the other football teams be baptised, go serve a 2 year mission !
I am very proud of you Elder Salazar. I still remember Bishop Trader and I having our "sit down" with you at Chili's . Boy, have you come a long way baby :)
Have a wonderful Christmas season. And as Sue Clark said in her talk last Sunday, let's remember it is the Spirit of Christ not just the spirit of Christmas we need to keep in our hearts.
Brother Banagas

LCrespo said...

Dear Ben,

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. You are an amazing young man. Take care. Talk with you soon.
Sister Crespo