Monday, June 29, 2009

Now a zone leader. Consulted the mission doctor about injured foot. 4100 hits

Hey parents,

Things are getting back to normal. My foot and knee hurt, but I am now taking medication. I am glad Pres and Sis Cox called to talk directly to you about the situation. I had an interview with president on Wednesday and he was really worried about everything, needless to say I was too. I know that staying here is the right decision. The doctor called me on monday and we had a good talk. He explained to me that I cant do any more damage to my foot or knee than I have already done. He gave me some work outs for my knee and talked to me about medication. I am talking medication but only on the days when my foot hurts a little more than usual or is unusually sore.

All the foot and knee pain drama is being made up for with some exciting news, President is making me a zone leader (I dont get set apart or get a blessing but I am going to ask him for one). Actually today I am going to Leon for a zone leader council. I will meet with president and the other zone leaders, and Sis. Cox will make us lunch. We will be staying the night in the mission home. It should be alot of fun and really inspiring.

We actually did get in touch with that woman and her 3 kids, that we were going to baptize. It turns out they really arent ready and just dont want to get baptized, we tried to resolve her doubts and concerns but she wont give in. Maybe somewhere down the road she will get baptized.

Things here are well in Salamanca, I am preparing to leave because I will most definitely be moved to a new area to start as a zone leader.

The weather has been ok, its very sunny and warm in the day but at night we have rain/lightning and thunder storms all through the night. The Pemex refinery still smells really bad.

My ATM card still hasnt gotten here but I think it should arrive sometime this week. Things usually take 3 weeks to get here. I am still working hard and trying to make best of what time I have left. Hope all is well!

1. How is Elder Whittle doing? Is his Spanish improving? How much time does Elder Whittle have in the mission?
------Elder Whittle has half a year. His spanish is getting better, he just needs practice and to try to talk as the people talk

2. Of all the people you have taught, and/or baptized who is the most memorable and why?
------I think it would be JoseLuis from when I was in Irapuato. The day we found him things were going really bad. I prayed that god would give us a hand, and he gave us JoseLuis. He found US! and was baptized in 2 weeks.

3. Do you or your companions get asked to speak in sacrament meeting very often?
------Yes! Actually yesterday I spoke on Unselfish Service and Elder Whittle spoke on Faith. We were told that both talks went very well.

4. Tell us something Elder Bednar said, that we can apply to our lives.
------Try to give as many references as you can to the missionaries. Elder Bednar said "You and I (as members) are full time searchers, looking for people. Missionaries are full time teachers."


Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for your love, support and comments. You help to lift Benjamin and make him a better missionary. We are so grateful for you.
The mom
hi benj.

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

I am so glad to hear things are going well for you. We want that foot to get better!

The youth had their conference this past weekend. The theme was WAVE (we are valient examples). They went to the beach Friday night for swimming, balloon launching, and dinner and fire pit marshmellows. Then they were put into families and stayed the night together. We had girls at our house - it was very different than the boys who are very loud, everything turns into wrestlemania, and eat massive quantities of food; the girls were talking about shopping and blabbed almost all night. They went tp'g and we got tp'd at about 4am. Evan "gooboy" Price vaselined our front door and car doors - nice! I really felt the love your Grandfather has for our youth as he spoke to them last night - he talked with them like a grandfather would talk to his own grandkids. Our youth can do no better than to have him in their corner, for good and bad times.

Take care - wer're thinking about you.

Jeff Trader

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to learn your foot (didn't know you had knee trouble, also) problem won't be completely solved until your mission is completed. We pray that the medication will allow you to do all that you desire to do with little or no pain.

Congratulations on being called as a Zone Leader. Hey, aren't Zone Leaders issued a car? Ask President Cox for one.

We weren't a host family on the Friday night of Youth Conference so no TP or Vaseline problems.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and all the wonderful missionaries.
Bishop Bowring

Anonymous said...

Hello Ben,

I am glad things are going good. I hope your knee and foot will get better soon. I am very happy for you on becoming a zone leader. Keep up the great work.

Lori C.