Monday, February 2, 2009

Ohla mama!

This week I didnt get to teach primary because the teacher showed up =(, oh well. At least Ill be prepared for the next time. Things here are going well, except we had our baptism fall through on Saturday. Mom you’re not going to believe this, we were going to baptise a lady who is 70 years old and she didnt pass her baptism interview because she’s not living THE LAW OF CHASTITY!!!!! She’s got a boyfriend…

This week went well though, Elder Verdeja and I got a call from the assistants to president and they asked us to travel to another town an hour away called Rio Verde to meet some investigators. The town is a lot bigger than Cardenas but is very beautiful, it is basically Historic Mexico. The investigators we were going to meet is a family that was living in USA and was listening to the missionaries and were about to get baptized but a week before they were baptized they got deported back to Mexico. We went to Rio Verde to meet them but they never showed up, so we were a little disappointed with that. Anyways, things here in Cardenas are going well. Except that our house ran out of gas Sunday morning, that means...COLD SHOWERS! But today we already bought a new tank so we are back to warm showers.

Well Mom, gotta run, today we had the chance to use internet early so I don’t think dad had a chance to write me, but to make it interesting I will make up my own questions for you guys to put on the blog.

1. What is on of my biggest "likes" about the mission?
--------I like when we leave the house at 10, and the entire day seems to just go perfectly. The people are loving, they listen and they feel the spirit and by the time we realize it, its 930 and we have to go home.

2. What is one of my biggest "dislikes" about the mission?
--------When we work all week, Sunday comes and all the investigators we had ready to come to church, don’t come. That is a very frustrating let down.

3. What do I study in the morning?
--------I love to study. In the mornings I usually start out my study sessions (with a prayer of course) by reading the book of Mormon. But I usually have my study sessions dedicated to something, for example right now I am studying and taking notes on "Jesus The Christ" by James E. Talmage, this is the 2nd time I have read the book, but the first I have taken notes. I just finished reading "The Pearl of Great Price" in Spanish and taking notes in Spanish.

4. Problems with dogs?
--------I actually have had almost no problems with dogs, in fact dogs seem to follow us for some reason. I make friends with dogs, not war.

Well, gotta run,
love ya mom!


Anonymous said...

Hola Benjamon,
I see your still doing well. I am sorry about your no-shows. You just keep on doing what your doing, your doing a fine job. God is blessing ALL the people you come in contact with, just by getting to meet you. I know He is changing their lives, for the BEST, thru you. Love and miss you,
Tony Crespo

Anonymous said...

Hola Benj,

Cold showers, no shows, frisky old ladies...makes for good mission stories eh lol!

Keep writing in that journal!

We love ya.

Sue Ozzy

Anonymous said...

Oops Benj,

I was on facebook too long talking to old school friends.

Sue Clark - I meant to say!

Jeff Trader said...

Elder Salazar,

I liked hearing the answers to your questions. If you were Dave Letterman, what would you say are the top ten of your mission?

Jeff Trader

Anonymous said...

Hola Ben,

Sorry to hear of the friskey old lady. That is so funny. I love to hear the stories and see the pics of you and the other missionaries. My night at the temple was amazing. The support from everyone was more than I can say. It is an experience I will always remember. Thanks for the christmas gift. It is hanging in the kitchen. Your mom showed us all the pictures of you on your mission. I was great to see all the places you have seen and been to. Keep up the great work and I will talk with you again soon. I love you and miss you. Take care of yourself and God Bless you.