Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey Familia,

Things are going well here. Yesterday we were supposed to have 2 baptisms but they fell through =(. Yesterday we had stake conference and it went well, the only problem we had is that there are so many members here that we ran out of chairs and space in the stake center! They are planning on making 3 stakes here in San Luis so it’s amazing to see how much the work is progressing here.

Also yesterday I found out that I am being moved to a new area. The new area I am going to is called Cardenas, it’s in the state of San Luis Potosi, but it is another two hours from where I am right now, its a tiny, tiny little town. They don’t even have a church building. We will all be meeting in a house, so it should be interesting. There is only about 35 active members. I will now be 5 hours away from Leon, in the farthest area in the mission. I’m super excited! I already know my new companion, he is a great kid named Elder Verdeja. He only has about 4 months in the mission but he is a very great elder.

Also, today I will be sending out a package. I included some gifts, pictures and letters to some of the family so I hope you enjoy. Before sending it I am going to try to burn a cd of all my pictures and send it to you. I hope sending it won’t be too expensive.

So as I was telling you about that dog last week, we have been visiting that family lately and that dog now follows us everywhere! He walks around with us all day, even when we are in appointments he waits for us outside. He usually starts to head home when he gets distracted and we lose him but its really funny, he’s a great dog!

That was really interesting to hear about supercross and especially the Mike Carona case. I started laughing when I read his quote about god. It truly is a miracle that he isn’t going to prison, he should believe in god. I cant believe grandpa will be released when I get home! I hope they wait for me, so he can release me!! I have to run, but expect some pictures of my new area next week, love ya!

Que se cuidan mucho!

El Elder Salazar

1. Do they play the piano or organ in sacrament and primary? (mom)
--------There are very few people here who know how to play the piano here,but in my ward we do have a member who can play. In primary they usually play a CD that has the music on it.

2. Was it weird to hear all your old primary and sacrament songs being sung in Spanish when you first got on your mission?
--------Actually it is! But now Im used to hearing them in spanish, =D.

3. Are the traffic laws enforced as much there as they are here? (mom)
--------Kind of, not really. There aren’t really any laws that are strictly enforced here, but of all the police work I do see going on here, usually it’s traffic enforcement.

4. What is the wierdest thing you have had to eat while in the mission? (Jacob Clark)
--------Tacos de Ojo! We all went out to eat some tacos one time and we all tried Tacos with cow eye. It’s a taco mixed with meat and cow eye, it wasn’t very tasteful. You can still see the pupil of the eye in some tacos.

5. What is the most beneficial thing you learned from Brother Lee's mission prep class? (Jacob Clark; giving a talk on benefits of missionary prep class)
--------Great question. The most useful thing I learned in Bro. Lee´s class is as he says "Find the quickest way to the grove". No matter what the situation, what time or where you are, you can always testify that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, that he truly was chosen as a prophet in these last days. Sometimes people aren’t interested in the message, or they want to fight over doctrine but if you just testify to them about what happened in the grove they will feel the impact of your testimony, contention will leave and they will feel the spirit and recognize that you are a true representative of Jesus Christ.


Mark Bowden said...

AAAhhh the outskirts of the mission, 35 active members, meeting in a house. Reminds me of my first area on my mission. Let me know if any of those members can sing a hymn on key (Mine didn't). But is was my most favorite area, loving and genuine down to earth people. And most attacks from our 4 legged friends. Love it. Keep up the fine work Elder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for answering my questions. I am going to use your answer in my talk on Sunday.

Cow eye tacos, sounds yummy! Good luck in your new area.


Anonymous said...

Hola Benj,

I remember eating cow brain tacos on my mission, I excused myself to go to the loo and I got on my knees and blessed the food all by myself in the bano, I prayed that it would taste like chicken and that I would not offend these sweet people by not being able to eat it. A little bit of the ceso (brain) got on my lip and I nearly lost it all!!!!

Great times, great memories!

Cya later

Sue Clark

Anonymous said...

hey ben this is mannie. (mannie mang) how are you??? i'm leaving to mexico on friday and i was hoping i could go to leon to visit you but i read your blog and it says your getting sent somewhere else. my dad is from san julian jalisco. where are you at now? well take care of your self ok.


Anonymous said...

What's up Ben? My dad gave me your website and it looks to me like your doing well. That's cool that your going to a new area. There are always new opportunities around every corner. Good luck there and I will write again soon.

Jeff Jensen

Nathan said...

I wish my dog was that obedient.

taylor bourne said...

Ahhh boonies.. lol

I'll bet you 4 pesos you wont be eating any Costco pizza out there, ahaha.

Thats cool though that they mix up where you're are and the people around you, I guess that way you wont get bored right? My email should go out this weekend... Hopefully Sunday, talk to you soon slammin.