Monday, August 18, 2008

Ohla familia!
Things are going ok here, we have found a good amount of new people to teach and have even challenged a few to baptize. All have accepted. Today has been really cool. My comp and I went downtown, he bought some shoes and we just walked around a little bit and toured. It’s really beautiful even though today was rainy. It has been raining quite a bit here lately, but I like it because when we knock doors in the rain the people are a little more receptive to us, we just have to play the tired, wet and sad role! =D! Well I want to thank you for all the support and love, I look forward to Mondays! Enjoy the pics!Love elder Salazar!

Ohla Madre,
I received your letter! Dated July 3rd, I received it this past Monday (8/11) along with the wedding invitation from the Huffmire’s! It was really cool!! I scared everyone in my zone, when I opened David’s invitation I told everyone that his fiancĂ©e was my girlfriend! Everyone was quiet for a minute, but when I told them she really wasn’t they were all laughing. I would write more letters but really I have no way of sending them. There is a place downtown but we almost never go downtown so right now it’s basically impossible =(. I loved the quote you sent me by Neil A Maxwell, I translated it into Spanish and wrote it in my scriptures. Missing ya and love ya.
I’m working hard. Nos Vemos!

Hola padre,

Good hearing from ya. First off happy bday! It sounds like your bday went pretty well. The GPS sounds really cool; our gps here is a map. hahaha. Today was really cool, my companion and I went to downtown Irapuato, it’s actually called " El Centro ", it was really beautiful and really old.
Well I gotta run, but in answer to your questions.

1. Do people drive or walk to church?
2. Why don't you ride bikes in your mission?
3. What kind of family does Elder Velez come from?

1. The members here walk, ride bikes (sometimes 2 or 3 on 1 bicycle, it’s amazing), very few members have cars, and the rest take taxis.
2. We don’t ride bikes because about a year ago the president allowed the missionaries to ride bikes in our area because its huge, and the 1st day he allowed them to ride bikes one elder fell and broke his arm. Since then he hasn’t allowed it. I really, really want him to though, we walk ALOT.
3. Elder Velez comes from a really good family, he is number 6 I think of 8. I’m not sure how many bros and sis he has but all his older brothers have served missions in Mexico. He is from Southern Mexico, the state of Guerrero. His family owns a ranch near Mexico City. The Church owns a school and that is where he attended all of his schooling from the age 12 to 18, it’s really cool because he has a lot of friends among the other missionaries and members here that attended school with him.

Gotta run!

Love elder Salazar


Nathan said...

Wow Ben,

cool pictures keep sending them! Keep up the good work! Happy to hear you and your companion are successful. We miss you alot and love you much!

Love your brother Nathan.

taylor bourne said...

Cool fountain slammin', I dig it!

Haha just kiddin.. Seriously though it looks tight there, keep the pics comin.

talk to you next week

The Bowden's said...

What awesome pictures Benjamin! Keep them coming! So glad to hear of your success in Mexico! We are all so proud of you! Take care and have a great week!

The Bowden's

PS: Does the Mexican food here in America even compare to the food there? Or is it completly different. Is there any fast food places? Just wondering....

Erica said...

ha ben!
I see you still got jokes even when you are out there! I am so glad you are doing so well and Im so proud too. I love all the stories and all the pics! It helps us still feel you are close. Keep up the amazing job! You are blessing yourself anf you family in more ways than you know!
love always, Erica

sarahhicken said...

You are doing a great job, Elder Benjimain. It is so fun to hear all of your stories and experiences. Loved the pictures.

Cory, Sarah, Emma and Drew

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Please, please, please, be careful out there. I'm telling you, a roll of nickels in your pockets just in case you ever have to defend yourself. When you come back you can ride in our new baby, we got a '65 volkswagen bug. It is green and very cute. Stephen and Nikki are having a blast in it, everyone gives them a thumbs up while they are out in it. This will be my 3rd bug, but now Stephen is older and can work on them, Grumpy hates bugs so he would never work on them. I will send you Erica a pic and hopefully she can send it to you. I don't know about you but the days are flying, you are always in our hearts and prayers. Nana sends her love. Take care, Titi.