Monday, July 7, 2008

Hola Familia y amigos,

Yesterday was testimony meeting, I bore mine in Spanish, it went well. Lots of people told me I did great, I was definitely more nervous doing it in Spanish than English. As far as letters go, I only recieve letters when I see the president which is MINIMUM 1 time a month =(. Kind of a bummer. Last nite I smashed a rat the size of Jackson with a garden hoe, my comp was freaking out, it was awesome. I am going to make my companion be on time more, we are seriously late to everything, he loves to talk. The people here are quite tough, they are very very Catholic. I have spent the last two weeks studying and marking my bible because they love to bash with us. Also, when we knock doors they tell us *oh I read the bible no thank you.* or they set appointments with us and dont show up, so I have learned to know when to be polite and when to tell people that reading the bible isnt everything Jesus Christ taught and its not the way you're going to return to Heavenly Father. They also love when we tell them Jesus Christ established one true church and they dont have to follow the tradition of their ancestors. That's cool the 4th of July was fun, my 4th of July consisted of a ligtning storm. Living here in Mexico has given me a testimony that we really live in the promised land which is the USA. Some of the most simple things back home are so difficult for people here, eating, drinking water, finding work, disposing of trash sanitarily etc. I am definitely blessed to have been raised in America. Anyways, things are good here, im about to run out of time so Im gonna have to cut it short.
Thanks for everything and for writing me!
Love Elder Salazar

Jackson the rat sized Boston Terrier


Sue Clark said...

Hola crack me up. Remember you are there for the stories the good ones, the bad ones and the rat ones! I love to hear how you are doing. Sounds like you may be running on Latin time, add that to Mormon time and yup you will be muy tarde, good luck with that! Eat muchos chiles calientes, it will help you habla Espanol mas facilmente. Encontrar, ensenar y baautizar.

Tu amiga favorita de Ingleterra!

titi said...

Hi Ben,

It sounds like you are relating to your Mexican heritage, how great is that. I love hearing about your adventures. You are doing great, don't stop, dont' give up. We miss you very much. Love, titi

Elder Benjamin Salazar said...

Dude i hope the rats aren`t that big. Thats not good. well keep up the hard work. i`ll write you later, Justin

CHACHA said...
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Mannie mang said...

ben! whats up dude! how you doing over there? i'm gonna go to mexico in a couple of months im gonna go visit you! i got family in leon in "san franciso del rincon" keep doing a good job man

chacha said...

Im so proud of you that you got up and bore your testimony sunday and in spanish! i know it was wonderful for those members to hear. funny thing, i got up on sunday too! short and sweet! it wasn't as scary as the first time but i still cried. well i hope this next week is rat free ha! te amo mucho. soskuchilas!